By Lorris Harmlawf. Also see my Charter For Fair English Language Commonwealth; model update to the new 2011 (2013) Charter Of The Commonwealth (constitution): )

TO SURVIVE WE MUST SHUT DOWN ALL NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS NOW! (If built should be 100m underground in complete containment chamber 200m above sea level with enough backup generators with backup batteries to be able to power cooling pumps long enough for emergency shutdown) Hysteria about carbon dioxide has distracted us from real toxic pollution. Mass adoption of fission nuclear has been infinitely more toxic to green environment than carbon dioxide plant food. At current rates of consumption for nuclear power uranium reserves will run out in 40 years.

Do NOT patent your device (free energy technologies have always been rejected or sequestered, patents were a total dead end waste of money, time and talent), just make one, sell at maximum price such as on Ebay (you might have to call it something like an ambient energy harvester for free energy generators), do not hide secrets, open proof of operation will significantly boost sales, (keep technologies used as weapons secret such as physical time travel; we do not want to have had ourselves deleted or created multiple virtual time lines, chronovision ok with gradual introduction of choice true images as will only create peace, prevent disasters and guide policy and innovation, will still require some controls on devices for privacy): grow organically, do not sell shares (control), do not take on debt, start as a charity to eliminate tax (you can convert to business later), if called insane claim welfare and convert to religion (so you pay your workers less or not at all as voluntary devotion does not disqualify from welfare as any paid work has, religious law overrides parliament legislation in Australian 1901 constitution), take donations, this will help you have maximum security, technological, production and financial advantage. Keshe Foundation is best example of this approach.

3% for the national budget (from 40% of all government revenue) should be for commission of teleporter for military, private local and national postal and freight delivery services after more than one hour time delay, and national customs and sorting centers for international freight as the national parliament shall authorize and determine. Anyone in the nation (subject to restrictions as the national parliament set) should be able and free to have and use own personal red teleporter postal boxes with GPS of location and certification of up to 50cm x 50cm x 100cm internal chamber area where only to teleport to and from the local post and freight depot. Local post and freight depot should have teleporter of any size such as for trans delivery from personal post boxes and to any personal postal box in the same nation and for shipping container after initial checking to and from locals and to and from customs comprehensive inspection, scanning and checking centers at remote secure locations deep underground for international freight. Military teleportation as our defense minister approves. Only the military should be able to do human teleportation to and from within the same nation only as the defense minister approves.

NikolaTesla/Basiago/CIA tech teleport. Limit to world parcel postal service for dramatically faster, cheaper, cleaner parcel post delivery. Not for peoples homes to prevent invaded by mass illegal migration. Also for military mobile teleporter in submarine to crew and supply on demand plus in big VTOL anti-gravity craft to deploy 1 ton remote + AI robot tanks, small drones, compact trucks and troop carriers, supplies and personnel quickly. Also for time travel. Uses a field of radiant energy to open up a vortal tunnel in time-space then on closure, the teleportee lands on the ground in the location where the tunnel closes, this may be choice of any point in time relative on the duration of the tunnel opening including the real current time. The stargate is a Tesla teleporter that so concentrates the radiant energy from a quantum hologram so as to send teleportee vast distances in time and location. In the vortal tunnel the teleportee can see tunnel walls of rippling blue and white holographic light and sometimes alien observers. Teleportee may travel much greater distances across time and location-space using these star-gates but as more time is spent in the vortal tunnel may have to have oxygen tanks so as to be not asphyxiated. Our (Earth) design.

Father Pellegrino Ernetti (degree in quantum physics) / Father Augustino Gemelli / Father François Brune (Roman Catholic Church monastic monks) Plus 12 scientists including Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun / Vatican. Chronovisor (looking glass). Discovery from study of harmonic patterns in Gregorian chants at the Catholic University of Milan, the microphone in development able to pick up the sounds of events across time. Leading to development by the Vatican of the Chronovisor: A TV like screen for viewing events across time and location: a cathode tube, antennas using alloy of 3 metals to capture light and sound, controls, meters, and a sound and light sensor. The US government further developing the Chronovisor under DARPA US defense research projects contracts. Currently the viewer stands in a cubical chamber to see dense hologram light images using lensing effect to view events across time and location so the viewer can track specific individuals and events across time and location using residual sound and light signature to see, hear and explore events.

The helical magnetic fusion plasma confinement chamber is a creation from science of Dr. Stirling Colgate as president of the New Mexico Institute of Science and Technology and a physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratories. It uses radioactive plasma to propagate a wormhole which the time traveller travels in order to be embed temporarily in a past event. When this local quantum field effect created around the chrononaut wears off, the chrononaut experiences transitioning spontaneously back to point of embarkation in the chamber so not required wormhole process.

The Aeronautical Re-positioning Chamber (Jump Room such as to travel to Mars in 20 minutes) A joint venture between Parsons, Lockheed and CIA. Reverse engineering chamber in crashed craft from Alpha Centauri star.

Zeta ET and US Air Force Area 51 S4 Northrop Grummen copy of Zeta ET design with Zeta help: TR3b and TR6-Telos superluminal interstellar time travel craft. Area 51 with Zeta ET help (These greys are military model bio-controller of our ET allies in addition the 90% fair modern human DNA human beings and from future: U.S.A built silent very big clean free energy VTOL TR-6 Telos Phoenix Class interstellar cargo and passenger colonization craft: Including to Wolf 1061c U.S.A. colony. With Dart combat drone space craft on board. Would be perfect for very fast UK to Australia flights, safer and more comfortable than teleporter without the illegals problem. To cleanly, vertically, slowly and silently land in city airports without fumes, noise, fog visibility dangers or height restrictions on buildings.

The TR-3B is a very fast interstellar space craft. ET version on left and on the right is one of many USA build versions of the TR3b, this one with ramjets for atmospheric flight. The size of a football field the larger TR-3Bs is capable of carrying 250 passengers in addition to a crew of 50, which would include pilots, engineers, scientists, biologists, doctors as well as maintenance, food preparers and cleaners. It also has sleeping quarters and a cargo bay capable of housing a dozen buses. About eight pilots are always on board and everybody on board can do multiple jobs. The triangular-shaped spacecraft’s propulsion system is a circular, plasma filled accelerator ring called the Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) surrounding the rotatable crew compartment. The ring is a tube containing mainly red mercury as a plasma, works at a pressure of 250,000 atmospheres and a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin and rotating around the tubular ring to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive plasma with the resulting gravity disruption. The Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) generates a magnetic vortex field, which disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass within proximity, by 89 per cent. This makes the vehicle extremely light, able to out perform and out maneuver any human craft. Limited only to the stresses a pilot can endure. With the 89 per cent reduction in mass and G forces the crew of the TR-3B is able to comfortably handle maneuvers which would be 40Gs in normal aircraft as 4.2Gs in the TR-3B. The TR-3Bs propulsion is provided by three multi-mode thrusters mounted at each bottom corner of the craft. The TR-3B is a sub-Mach 9 vehicle until it reaches altitudes above 120,000 feet then it is capable of flying faster than the speed of light.

Solar Warden is the separate US Navy space program;

On the top left (before) is the Daelalus class star ship artists impression using model of this ship by Alnair rendering in Cinema 4D by Animaniac of Anamaicarts ~2011. Next is an US Naval Network and Space Operations Command image, Both images in Creative Commons according to book of the test pilot of the new battle cruiser John Titor II (pen name); time travel division mission commander retired from 2036. The third image is a true photo of an operational US Navy starship under construction in maintenance. The forth is the new NASA US Enterprise warp drive cruiser now capable of rapidly travelling to civilizations to 1000 light years distance and beyond (Alpha Centauri is about 4.5 light years distance).

#1 Eternal mobile clean energy; Keshe Foundation Magravs 3kw(40kw) off grid eternal power units by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: Copper coils with fire to nano wire fibre coat then coat with mixture of CO2 Carbon dioxide as nano state powder, ZnO Zinc oxide as nano state powder and CH3 Methyl as nano state powder, With crystals plus monoatomic elements in centre. To create field to protect from radiation and convert to electricity. Started a bit dubious, first products did not work: Keshe Foundation Magravs off-grid home plasma power units for sale from the Netherlands and manufacture beginning in new factory in Italy as to change to new superior design, seem most holy, I have one on order; Paid AUD$2700 on 13feb17, plus our local taxes on arrival, I have receipt for payment. I have 1 product here with me from Keshe Foundation Italy the Water plasma eternal liberalizer, paper packaging around internal test tube of nano state plasma alkaliser component was a bit wet so may from washing prior to packing or may have leaked or been spilt in manufacture so to hot glue seal tube and wash, Has the full 16+mls of nano state slurry water so should work perfectly, I am now using this tube of nano state particle slurry in water as pedant to directly alkalise myself, First thin is obviously clearing lungs congestion and have a bit of a head spin from having extra oxygen conversion particularly for first two hours and until system to adjust, now really good, noticeable reduction in pain in my injured lungs, main thing is lungs oxygen conversion seems to be much better, This direct alkalization of person should be better than in jug as acid in stomach is to digest food, Alkalise probiotic drink so more probiotic to reach gut. A focus on off-grid generators such as for 1kg AI drones would obsolete toxic nuclear energy or weapons proliferated so be very beneficial to environment so save the world. Keshe run to test at full load for month to ensure will be 100% reliable. Very compact ~1kg for 3kw continuous eternal power (maximum rating for home electrical certification compliance, can actually produce 40kw spike) continuous eternal power so probably will have some some sort of DC voltage inverter alternator circuit to convert to the 230v50hz with uk plug for simple adapter to use here in Australia (I have a proper $20 Korjo UK plug with 2x 2kw double adapter to proper Australian sockets from Kogan Australia not cheap multi-adapter). Also available with Schuko F Europe socket and for from USA with USA 110V and sockets of Europe) Would also be good to power all wireless towers (4G and 5G broadband) and fuel pumps to work also if had blackouts and power satellites and things for eternal endurance. Also multiple redundancy plug in units for Mars missions to create field to protect crew from radiation and convert to electricity such as for heating and recharge batteries for lighting, computers and thrust. (Comparable performance solar and battery systems have cost about 20x more) It is also portable so you can take it with you, pack it in your backpack and take it camping such as to power electric heating of sleeping bags, vests, socks, electric billy kettle, and tent heating and for lighting such as for explorers in Antarctica. To run air conditioner cooling and heating all the time all year round even during blackouts or solar storms for free and save $300/month on electricity. (The picture to left the on grid version)

Keshe Alekz Cells: Eternal 1.5v AAA, AA, C and D cells:

How to make 3kw (6kw) Keshe plasma eternal 1kg mobile power generator:

(from an open German page on the web Google translation plus my grammar edit and clarification).

To make CO2 as nano state first carbon nano wire conductor coat copper;

Nanowires under the scanning electron microscope after the fire coating, source: Yuan et al. (2011, p.2492)

Fire-coating on copper under the scanning electron microscope (a) clearly shows the Cu2O layer and the CuO layer, and the nanowires forms thereon, (b) enlargement of the area in green square region of (a), source: Yuan et al. (2011, p.2493)

Single nanowire (NW): (a) from a transmission electron microscope (BF-TEM), the two sides of the nanowire are visible, (b) the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) also shows the two layers and the crystalline structure, SAED (selection area electron diffraction) pattern of a nanowire, source: Yuan et al. (2011, p.2494)

The basic material to coat is copper, of any shape. Method 1; coat thermally by heating (gas burners). Method 2; coat chemically by etching with NaOH. In the course of the coating, gaps between the atoms form on the copper surface to form a layer, which again consist of small particles, which look like wires, so these people call "nanowires" being so small and this is why people call this coating nano-coating. These nanoscales have the property of growing in the course of the coatings.

The development of this thermal coating of copper involves many institutions and universities. Working on the nature of the copper, graphene "nanowires" formations on the surface at a certain temperature. The scientists, Yuan, Wang, Mema & Zhou (2011) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Multidisciplinary, State University of New York, are investigating these nanoparticles and layers in detail. The graphic shows a picture of the nanowires in the size of micrometer or nanometer (1 nanomillimeter is 1 millionth of a millimeter: 1 / 1,000,000). The individual wires (threads), which in random arrangement, are clearly visible. In this case, the copper is after repeat heating to 450 ° over a period of two hours. First treat copper substrate of 99.99% purity with hydrochloric acid (HCl) then use water (with no minerals) to clean the copper and remove the natural oxide layer.

The authors reiterate that the "nanowires" were not from "grain boundaries" (cracks on the surface from heating), these nanowires develop independently. In detail, a copper (I) oxide layer (Cu2O) forms on the surface during the course of the coating process, then a copper (II) oxide layer (CuO), and finally, the "nanowires" are grow from the CuO layer out. It is only when the CuO nanoscale is larger than 1 micrometer that the nanowires begin to grow. The optimum temperature for the growth of the nanowires is between 300 and 550C. During the coating process the copper (I) oxide is yellowish to red-gray and then becomes black when it is heated, then after cooling again takes the original color. If the coating was yellowish to reddish brown, you have had no CuO layer so had no "nanowires". Copper (II) oxide is black, so it is important that the coated wires are black and do not bear the Cu2O (yellowish to reddish brown) colors. This is why it is important to choose the correct temperature for the fire coat.

Furthermore, Yuan (2011) finds that the surface of the nanowires is a crystalline structure (was not hollow), each side of a nanowire is a crystal with a clear crystal lattice structure. In Figs. A and b, the two sides can be seen using transmission electron microscopy.

Areas of application Coating processes

NaOH-coat copper coils for the making of GaNS, since the nanoscale layers wear less quickly using this method of coating. Also use the NaOH coating method for health applications, among reasons because you can incorporate herbs and nutrients into the coating layer during the course of the coating process. Magravs power generator coils use the flame method of nano-wire coating copper wire.

Coating with NaOH (Sodium hydroxide - alkaline caustic soda) for nano state particles production.

Of several procedures, here is the one from the teachings of the Keshe Foundation. In addition to this procedure, there is also a method by Peter Salocher, for more information, please visit

You need:

Phase 1: NaOH bath - cleaning the coils (~ 1 day)

Preparation for vapor coating of coils (for production of gans only) Source:

This phase is about cleaning the coils of grease and other substances. Cover (sprinkle) the bottom of the small plastic container with a thin layer of the NaOH powder, then place the copper (coils) on the powder (may touch the powder). Then place the lid of the plastic container obliquely on (across) the container so that only 1 small inlet remains open. Into this inlet pour the hot (boiling) water so as to cover all of the coils. Caution; caustic soda steam, please wear protective goggles and protective gloves. Place the weight on the lid, so that not too much steam escapes and leave the vessel in this condition for 24 hours.

Phase 2: Steam Coating - First Coating of Coils (~ 2 days)

In a plastic container of the same size as in phase 1, place a zinc wire grid mesh on the bottom of the container, so that the coils do not lie directly on the plastic. Tension the wires (in a similar container). Thinly cover the bottom of the container with NaOH powder as in phase 1. Place the coils from the NaOH water from phase 1 onto the wire grid mesh. The coils should be about 2cm away from the ground and not touch the container walls and any additional coils. In the next step, place the lid of the plastic container obliquely on the container so that only 1 small inlet remains open. In this inlet, pour hot (boiling) water, this time only about 1 cm (so as not to submerge the coil/s). Close the lid as quickly as possible, weigh the lid with (small) weights and wait for about 2 days. (Use protective goggles and gloves as in phase 1).

Phase 3: Polarization of the coils (~ 1 minute / coil)

Polarization of a coil with multi-meter, so adjust to Ohm Source:

Polarization will stimulate coating of the copper surface, organize, align and stabilize. Proceed as follows:

Phase 4: Dry (~ 3 days) and "peel potential" (~ every 3-6 hours)

"pulling off potential" means the process, where the "plasma" from the coils move and organize by the current of the multi-meter. Thus draws current from the coils to stimulate the system to produce new power. Proceed as follows:

Repeat this procedure every 3-6 hours within the 3 day drying period.

Fire nano-wire coating with gas burner (additional method for Magravs coils and capacitors)

Gas burner (gas lamp) with butane gas.

Fire nano-wire coat using butane gas as with to construct Magravs generator coils. In this type of nano-wire coating, skip polarization and drying (+ pull off) part. The temperature and direction in the fire coating process is decisive. The movement of the flame during the fire coating process must always be in the direction to be the flow of electrons in the wires, so as to never glow. If the wires have got a golden glow, move the gas burner further along.

After a few seconds the wires cool down, if were different colors, such as red, turquoise or blue, the temperature was too low, in this case just pass frame over again with flame higher and closer to the coils for a high temperature. If the wire has glowed, the temperature was too high. In this case simply turn the gas burner back and further away for a lower temperature and then re-coat. Over time, you will develop a flair for the fire coating process and everything will run properly.

We need:

Important: Do not coat in cold rooms, otherwise the coating layer will dissolve very easily from the copper wire. Also according to the quality of the copper wires, sometimes even in the "raw" state slight cracks have appeared on the surface.

GaNS production

Formation of GaNS. Source: Keshe Foundation SSI, 2015

GaNS is the abbreviation for "Gas As Nano State also applies to any material in this nano state". In the Keshe Foundation process you may extract carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air using simple means and convert into the solid nano state. Furthermore, in the Keshe Foundation process this GaNS, both dry and bound in water, will supply useful energy.

The process of the Keshe Foundation will make CO2 GaNS, and additional "GaNS species". The diagram shows schematically the making of GaNS. The basis is "raw" copper, you see depiction of the compact atomic structure. In the first step nano-wire coat the copper. The gaps between the atoms are from the coating of nanoscale layers of nano-wires (see chapter Coating). The copper with the nano-wire coating will produce the CO2-GaNS, which will settle on the bottom of the plastic container, from the reaction in the zinc plate in salt water.

GaNS are part of the Keshe Magravs generator. The coils have a GaNS coating and GaNS containers are in the middle of the coils. In the guidelines, three types of GaNS are used: these are CO2 (carbon dioxide) GaNS, CH3 (methyl) GaNS and CuO (copper II oxide) GaNS. In this case, all three species are in the copper nano-wire coating with various metals from the 10% salt sea water (dissolve 100 grams of sea salt in 1 liter of water from steam distillation). Therefore, things you need to make the GaNS:

The following table provides an overview of the formation of various GaNS species using the appropriate metal:



Metal with nano-wire coating.

Ordinary pure metal plate.

Salt content

Co2 (ZnO + Co2)


Coated copper



CH3 (FeO + CH3)

Red brown

Coated copper



CuO (CuO + Cu)


Coated copper




Yield after 4 days. Source:

Washing CO2 GaNS under green LED shows better structure but far more slowly produces CO2 GaNS.

Yield after 1 day. Source:

CO2 GaNS with high zinc oxide content (done without LED short).

CO2-GaNS (had no LED shortwith double the NaOH amount by weight and hot water). Has high zinc oxide percentage content and "nanosize". Wash more than 5 times to extract the pure CO2 GaNS (usually was very little). Source:

Connection of a small LED, Please use a green LED! Note; the longer wire on the LED is the anode to connect to positive power source. Source:

The LED producing light when production of GaNS is running and when the coils are generating power! Source:

Produce this GaNS by immersion of zinc plates and copper coils with nano-wire coating into the salt water. Connect these two metals objects with copper wires between which mount the small green LED, the ends of the plates and coils should not touch the bottom of the plastic container. Dissolve 100 grams of sea salt into one liter of the water from steam distillation and pour the solution into the container. Ensure to have no residual lumps of salt in the vessel. Use electricity to make CH3 and CuO GaNS, (electricity not required to make CO2-GaNS production). Also, connect the green small LED between the two plates, to ensure approximately 90% on the GaNS to make will be of CO2 GaNS. (Done without the LED mainly zinc oxide was generated according to Keshe. Connect the LED anode (longer wire = positive pole) to the (copper) plate / coil with nano-wire coating, and the LED cathode (notch on the LED housing and shorter wire = negative pole) to the pure (zinc) plate. After a few hours, a white layer should begin to settle on the bottom of the vessel, (Remember for to make CO2-GaNS: NO POWER (no batteries or power supply) and use a green LED!!)

We need:

Make CH3 (Methyl) GaNS

Schematic design of CH3-GaNS production without current, instead of the short circuit connect to DC, source: Keshe Foundation

Produce this GaNS using pure iron plate and a copper coil with nano-wire coating in sea water. Connect the two metals together with a copper wire. (In contrast to the CO2-GaNS generation) You may use a small current and the air from a simple aquarium pump to speed up the process. For this purpose, use a conventional, controllable DC (DC) power supply, to produces an approximate current of 15mA between the two plates (instead of connecting together with the copper wire), clamp the negative pole (black) aligator clip to the (copper) material (coil) with the nano-wires coating and the positive pole (red) aligator clup to the pure (iron) material (plate, not-coated). As soon as you apply electricity add oxygen bubbler as well such as from of an aquarium pump. After a few hours, a red-brown layer will begin to deposit on the bottom of the vessel, this is the CH3-GaNS.

We need:

Make CuO (Copper II oxide) GaNS

Turquoise CuO GaNS before filling yet to settle down. Source:

To make this GaNS use a copper coil (a plate will also work) and a second copper coil (plate) in sea water. Connect the two copper objects together with a copper wire. As with to make CH3. Again you may apply a low power, and bubble air using a simple aquarium pump here as well to speed up the process. You may use a conventional, controllable DC (direct current) power supply to generate an approximate flow of 15mA (.015A) between the two plates (removing the copper wire), clamp the negative pole (from the black terminal wire with an alligator clip) on to the copper material with the nano-wires coating and clamp the positive pole (from the red terminal wire with an aligator clip) on to the pure copper material (that was not coated with nano-wire layer). Then as soon as you apply the 15mA power, add oxygen bubbles such as from of an aquarium pump. After several hours, a turquoise layer at the bottom of the vessel will begin to settle, this will be CuO GaNS.

We need:

From liquid sediment to sediment paste to nano-powder.

The GaNS sediment is useful in a variety of states, the paste, for example, for the production of capacitors, and to filling the container in the middle of the Magravs generator and as a powder to make the plasma power cells. When the sediment is dry the plasma will be stronger and so the production of powder. However first a few steps to take:

Washing the GaNS sediments

Here drying on a radiator to obtain the dry GaNS sediment powder. Source:

Before beginning the gentle drying process, wash the GaNS sediment to reduce the salt content, do this with the following steps:

Drying the GaNSes

Option: Drying out of GaNS with fan. Source:

The aim of the drying is the gentle removal of the water, this drying may be by gentle heating such as on a fire and a hot plate, the more natural the drying, the better. You may accelerate the drying by putting on a radiator and by turning on a heat lamp near the GaNS sediment container. If the sediment has formed crystals during drying, then the GaNS sediment did not get enough washing (cryrtals were from salt left behind). Over time, you will obtain GaNS paste and after more time drying GaNS powder.

With the production of GaNS powder oxide, it is possible to then mix the GaNS sediment powder with NaOH powder (1/3 GaNS sediment powder with 2/3 NaOH powder) and hot water then clean and dry to make nano GaNS in a very pure form.

Keshe Magravs plasme energy for homes and apartments, V1 version.

Magravs plasma energy for homes and apartmentments, using plastic pipe. Source:

To make a Keshe Magravs generator for home first successfully produce the dry GaNS sediment powders. Here are the additional steps to then build a Magravs generator:

Production of coils for a Magravs generator

Each of the 3 pairs of coils consist of four individual coils, With coils from winding around 6mm rod inside coils from winding around 10mm rod for both the 2 longer coils and the concentrically nesting 2 shorter coils. With a sum total of 12 coils in each Magravs generator. For these coils use copper wire with a cross-section of 2.5mm² , so a diameter of about 1.8mm. Since this copper cable been difficult to obtain in naked form, you can use insulated copper wire such as for electric cables and remove the external insulation. Ideally the electric cable should be on a cable reels of 100+ meters as from any hardware store. The shorter coils having 81 turns, and the longer coils having 144 turns. To make the inside coils bend the copper wire around a rod with a diameter of 6 mm and for the outside coils bend the copper wire around a rod having a diameter of 10 mm. You may make the coils by clamping a drill and rod end to a bench to bend the wire coils around the rod, so run the drill in counterclockwise rotation from the perspective of a normal drill user. With a special apparatus may stripp and bend the copper wire into a coil around the rod in one step, which may be easier when several people together help. Have an approximately 1.4 mm wide gap between each windings. Make sure to count the turns.

We need:

Wiring of the coils in a Magravs generator

Here how to connect the inner, outer, shorter and longer coils forming each of the 3 layers; bottom, middle and top in each Magravs generator. Source: Keshe Foundation Research Group, 2015

After winding the coils while creating a distance between the turns, insert the thin coils inside the thick coils before bending the wire ends (you may then bend eyelets, preferably with pliers with no grooves so not damaged copper wire, to connect together easily through the eyelets, and the main reason for the eyelets are so plasma is not spread in all directions, eyelets are so as to not to lose plasma energy from the MAGRAVS generator system. Eylets on the ends of the wire will turn back the plasma energy which flows mainly on the surface of the wire (in the nano-coating), so feed back into the Magravs generator system.

Nano wire coating the coils in a Magravs type generator.

Fire nano coating the coils after wiring together: Note direction of transition of the flame during coating process! Source:

Completely wire connect together the Magrav coils then add the nano-wire layer coating, so only two loose wire ends (the negative pole and the positive pole), proceed as follows:

Then coat each Magravs coil set with GaNS.

After flame nano-wire coating the coil sets inserted into GaNS and water solution. (If painted with GaNS paste the winding were glued togeter so reduced the performance of the Magravs energy system). Mix GaNS (after washing) of equal parts CO2, CH3 and CuO GaNS together in water (from steam distillation), (you may use water from your last GaNS washing) and pour this GaNS mixture water solution into a flat container in which a coil set may fit. Place each coils successively into the GaNS mixture water solution, so as to cover the coil sets. Then after this dipping the coil set in the GaNS water solution remove the coil set and hang to dry for more than 24 hours. Then to the next process.

Produce condenser coils

This involves flame nano-wire coating external and internal capacitor parts

Note in this picture the flame direction during the nano-wire coating process after assembly! Source:

These condenser coils consist of the following parts:

For these condenser coils use a couple of feet of the 2.5 mm² copper wire for the production of 4 condenser. For each of the inner condenser strait wire part cut a length of about 15 cm of this wire and bend the ends of this each of these lengths of wire into eyelets. For each external condenser coil part cut length of the copper wire of about 45 cm and wind around 6mm rod such as screwdriver so to have 18 turns and bend the ends back into eyelets. Wind together the long ends of these four individual capacitors condensor coils to form one paralel unit as in the image. Then go to the next step and nono-wire coat these capacitor condensor coil parts.

Flame nano wire coating the plasma capacitor condensers

Here flame nano wire coating the capacitors in parallel after first winding long ends together. Source:

Hang the capacitors and the wires for the capacitors on a wire. As with Magrav coils, it is important here the flame transition so also electron flow direction during coating only from top wire section where the coils join together downward over the bottom coil section. For these capacitors always use in the 4-way parallel cofiguration, After turning the 4 long wire ends into eyelets with pliers and turning together with each having an equal length of wire for a total length of about 10cm. As with all Magrav copper wire parts, always shape into the coils, wind together at top and then fire nano-wire coat. Repeat the flame nano-wire coating of these capacitor condenser units so do more than 3 times!

Production of the capacitor separator

Diagram of 2 plasma capacitor separator components. Source:

Make the separator for the 4 capacitors units from thin hard foam boards, You can easily cut these with a Stanley knife. Fix the separator components between the four capacitors, then you may be encase this unit with materials such as shrink tubing. You need:

Cut out the thin rigid foam plastic parts with a (Stanley) knife, according to the adjacent plan and insert the parts into the 4 capacitor condenser unit together. Then push the 4 capacitor condenser unit into the external insulating 5cm diameter tube shell.

Then fill the capacitor condenser unit interior with GaNS

Here diagram with dimensions of baking paper. Source:

Next, create the internal capacitor parts. You need:

Place the baking paper on the table and spread on a thin layer of the GaNS mixture as a paste (with a small amount of water from steam distillation). Leave about 1cm at end edges free of the GaNS paste, Next, lay the copper wire with fire nano-wire coating along one the side end of the baking paper and wrap the parchment paper as narrow and as tight as possible around the copper wire with fire nano-coating. Do not squeeze this component too much. Then insert this new condenser inner part through the front of the condenser coils and pull this inner part gently out of the rear. Repeat this for all 4 coil parts of the capacitor unit.

Assemble each of the 4 capacitors in the unit.

Structure and polarity of a plasma capacitor. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2015. Source:

Insert the internal wire with nano-wire, GaNS paste and baking paper layers part into each of the capacitor coils, and secure with a cable tie to the insulation tube, then twist these long wire ends together as well, as you can see in the image. Sometimes the GaNS / baking paper layers have been damaged by assembly, so be careful, do again if failed. You may flame nano wire coat the unit, making sure not to melt or ignite the foam plastic separators, for example by using a metal shield to protect these rigid foam plastic parts.

Make the external shell of the Magravs plasma power generator

Make the external shell from 150mm diameter plastic tube and ~500mm+ (square) sheet of rigid foam plastic, such as you can purchase at hardware stores. You need:

Production of interior plate with spacers

The inner plates serve to fix the Magravs shell, there are needed three interior plates, diameters and distances can be found in the accompanying drawing. The inner plate of small slits in the middle is the lowest internal plate.

Connecting the components

Diagram, installation of capacitors. In this version, only the capacitors were installed parallel to the Magrav coils, however, it is also recommended to install those between neutral and phase. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2015

Connection of the coils together. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2015

According to the recommendation of the Foundation Keshe the height (H) to the diameter of the inner coil (D) to correspond to. In our case this 6cm (2 x 3cm spacers) are. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2015

. Source:

The components now integrate gradually into the housing. The design is so construction takes place from bottom to top. In this version, we have only one capacitor unit, with location parallel to the coils. In the first step drill and mill elongate hole for the lower stopper into which the two cables will fit. Then insert the cables through this slot and strip 4-5 cm of outer coating ends. Isolate the active phase (brown) from neutral phase (blue), both neutral and grounding straps may be the same are connected to terminal strips. When using multi-strand wire, wind and solder together both ground (green) wire ends and attach wire end ferrules. However keep active and neutral phases with natural wire strands end!

Keshe Magravs type generator version 2 with a central rock crystal and split condensers.

For your home.

One of five Rhinestone Magravs type power units. Source:

Key upgrades from V1:

The following is the same as V1:

Drilling of the crystal

As crystals mountain crystals were used in these rock crystals, a 9cm deep hole with a diameter of 10 mm was drilled in the center. To realize this, we can make ourselves a diamond-coated special hollow drill. About two centimeters were cut from the lower crystal and then the hole was drilled. Pictures, you see below.

Cleaning and filling of the crystal


We have placed all of the crystals in CO2 Goose Water, a shot Echinacea (Spagyrik) and purified with planetary singing bowls. Then allow to dry for several days and started to fill them. We have "nonosiert" CO2 goose. (Pour powder and the same amount of NaOH (by weight) with boiling water, let dry CO2 and wash as set goose is washed).

split capacitors

Magrav coil terminal Source:

Magrav coil terminal Source:

The split capacitors we have made with 9 turns and a 2,5q copper wire.

Construction of the first level:

Finished first level. Source:

Structure of the second level:

Finished second level. Source:

Construction of the third layer:

PLASMA TREE - Keshe Health and Food Unit

As we have also made the frame made entirely of copper pipes is our unit there like a tree in the plasma we then the coils as leaves on the "tree" hanging. We can first "steam" two weeks in a NaOH copper frame and then Feuergecoatet (sketch of the coating direction follows). The lengths of copper pipe as a guide and template you can read below. For the stand we have taken pipes with a diameter of 2oomm. In this work we use ONLY CO2 goose. In all parts.


The frame made of copper

For the basic framework you need:

Holder for coil

We have taken Plexiglas for the hanger of the coils. Better would be a plate made of polycarbonate, as it can be Coating better. We have just learned and we give so on. Since we wanted to make our unit variable and adjustable we made individual holders for 2 coils. In our case, there are five "slots" for each page. So 20 total coils.

Template for the Plexiglas for Spuleneinhängung. Source:

For the holder you need:

Do the washing up

Here the coils are twisted differently for comparison Magrav. But since the Feuercoaten would go faster is not the stability of the coating layer is like the Noah-coating, we decided to take our time and the more complex type to use. The coils are not as soft as the fire. Although it is a lot of work because you need to subtract the potential and make the slow drying the alignment. For our Healt Unit, we have 20 sets of coils wound (20 Large us 20 Small)

Twisting the coils for Healing Unit. Source:

The plasma batteries

Here you have caoten everything, even paper and aluminum (which is why we have taken Grill cups, foil would dissolve) and the plastic.

At these batteries a device for plasma-food is already provided. Source:

For 10 batteries you'll need:

Assembling the Unit

The text is still under construction, .... Please be patient!

Schematic of the coils. Source:


Cheapest constant clean current free energy charger on market is 250watt generator with 12v smart charger from Auroratek for about US$600 when available: (in my opinion Auroratek should auction each new charger starting at US$1200 on Ebay). Currently taking orders for GoPowerUP 100 Suitcase 100 Watt version for sales demonstrations ( for evaluation ). Includes: Harden plastic carrying suitcase, Two USB charging ports, One 120VAC 100 W outlet, To order, call Aurora in USA at 480-474-4388 Price: USD$1200.00 (Includes tax and shipping).

#2 Auroratek Quantum Energy Generator (SmartPak) by William S. Alek. A technology that can "flip" the Phase property of an Electron. Thus, transforming a Time-Forward Electron into a Time-Reversed Electron. The Mass of the Electron becomes Negative; however, the Charge remains the same. The magnetic field produced by the Electron current flow through the Spin-Zero Core forces the same Electron to phase change or rotate from the positive dimension to negative dimension causing the real observable magnetic portion of the field to almost completely vanish. The remaining field engages the negative portion of the dimension, The time dimension in reverse and negative energy dimensions: magnetic flux, electricity, heat and gravity convert in turn to negative flux negative electricity taking ambient energy by cooling to induce superconductor with secondary feedback to create graviton for anti-gravity expansion, to then time reverse the craft when traveling faster than the speed of light to arrive at destination before leaving origin. Therefore, very large power gains exceeding 1,000 to 1 between the output and input are measured. This permits the construction of self-sustainable FREE Energy / Over-unity devices with phenomenally large observable power gains. As a superconductor is a perfect diamagnet since there is no electrical resistance to the forming of the current loops and fully expels internal magnetic fields when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature. The QEG is a parametric oscillator. There are two observations in regards to the operation of this device. The first is the step-down transformer configuration. This is essential to maximize the electric current output from the device. This ratio can be expressed as 3100 turns to 350 turns or almost 10:1. In other words, the tank circuit voltage oscillates at about 10 times the output voltage. AuroraTek is developing a breakthrough technology that can “Quantum Tunnel” through this barrier and transform NEGATIVE Energy into usable energy that can safely and efficiently power our world. The Quantum Tunneling process begins by setting up opposing forces in magnetic material, which in turn, creates Cooper Pairing between copper wire coils. As long as the phase angle is less than 90 degrees for a traditional transformer, the resulting efficiency will always be a positive number and less than 100%. This is NOT the case for the Split-Flux [dual doughnut] Transformer (SFT) used by the SmartPAK system. Given a special condition where the SFT output is shorted, the input phase angle can and does exceed 90 degrees! When you compute the cosine of this angle, the resulting value is NEGATIVE and this is how we get a NEGATIVE Efficiency. What this means is the SFT is acting as a source of power, sending power back to the generator. A key observation in this article about Superconductivity is the following "... the crucial realization is that superconductivity is associated with a bound pair of electrons, each having equal but opposite spin and angular momentum, traveling through the metal ..." This is also known as "Cooper Pairing." The key is opposite spin and angular momentum! Because of opposite spin and angular momentum, the spin and angular momentum of the pair CANCEL. The pair loses it's inertia and effectively DECOUPLEs from the inertial field - the pair moves in the metal with NO resistance. In other words, the metal has NO electrical resistance and becomes an "ideal conductor" of electricity. An almost identical effect occurs in the SFT or Split-Flux Transformer with one important difference. The SFT becomes a Superconductor at ROOM TEMPERATURE! This is how its done: In the SFT or Split-Flux Transformer, because there are two output coils wired in a bifilar [An electromagnetic coil winding of two closely spaced, parallel filament strands] configuration, identical output current flows, but in opposite direction. An opposing magneto-motive force is created causing "Cooper Pairs" to form as shown above. This phenomenon occurs below, at or above room-temperature. The SFT effectively becomes a Superconductor at any temperature! How do we know this phenomena is occurring? Because the primary input coil becomes an "Ideal Inductor." In other words, the phase angle between the voltage and current approaches 90 degrees. I can easily demonstrate this phenomena. NO practical transformer on Earth can do this except the SFT!!! What this means is the SFT driving a REAL load consumes NO REAL power, or Pin -> 0 Watts! The ultimate overall efficiency of the SFT is nearly infinite! This is critical for understanding gravity and how this device interacts with gravity due to the inertia-less reaction of "Cooper Pairs." Counter-rotating opposing magnetic fields is the KEY towards building anti-gravity technologies. The craft is essentially a macroscopic "Cooper Pair," DECOUPLED from the inertial field. FREE Energy is a by-product of the process.


Eternal generator with most potential: simple Quanta Magnetics PowerCells able to survive extreme electromagnetic storms (my December 2016 6 plate module cost A$2600 (plus taxes) a little on the pricy side, a good introduction price for hand fabrication on demand, my model has become obsolete, so worth my payment to assist further development. Buying eternal free energy products is probably the best way to invest and help development as it exercises everything from the science to production to promotion. Evaluation of my Quanta Magnetics 6 plate unit: Each plate is ~31cm square. Actual output more on hot days = 2volts x each plate varies from .1amps to .35 amps x 6 = 2watts reducing slowly until having time to self recharge. On 17C day 6 plates in parallel = 1.7volts x 200milliamps falls after a while down to 25milliamps = ~.2 watts forever, In series = 10volts at 20milliamps = ~.2watts forever). I am currently using 4 plates to try and trickle charge the 4x 1.2Volt to 1.5Volt d-cell rechargeable batteries (5-7volts) of my DAB+ radio. Quanta Magnetics new ThinFilm silicon crystal power cell model are 5v (6v) more amps and much smaller. My (December 2016) Quanta Magnetics 6 plate unit is about the same power as a home made plain Hutchison (eternal) crystal power cell which you can make at home for $100 with a copper cup and things from your local groceries supermarket with some extras from eBay apparently (maybe I will make one some day). Apparently the QM unit works best with capacitors (batteries) and QM pulse motor. The new 6v ThinFilm PowerCells would be great for e-ink remote auto-update price tags, mobile phones, radios, watches and a lot of things even submarines.

#3 Quanta Magnetics: silicon crystal graphite PowerCell eternal charge. Sodium Silicate gel with 10dopants between hard layers of graphite and sodium silicate crystals I think.

12 plate module (the current model uses silicon carbide and has 10-100+ x more power with pulsing apparently)

New state of the art compact 5V (6V) ThinFilm Silicon Crystal Graphite PowerCells more powerful than each individual plate of above module. (disappeared from QM web-page maybe a big deal to be in mobile phones). Would also be great for internet of things such as shop e-ink e-tags with auto-remote-update such as for special discount. Would also work in cars and submarines on a larger scale. Very robust, will actually work better during solar storms, electromagnetic pulse and higher temperatures (Also works to some extent in the freezer). No fried circuits.


Adgex Elfe torch with eternal charger also for sale for A$99 from Australia by Russian migrants and technology (paused production and availability for model and technology upgrade). Harvests energy from Schumann resonances and from Earth's magnetic field.

ADGEX ENERGY STARTS TESTS OF GPA TECHNOLOGY FOR GENERATION OF ELECTRICITY FROM TERRESTRIAL FIELD AND PERTINENT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES IN ENERGY DOMAIN: #ADGEX is glad to wish you a Blessing New Year and Merry Christmas! We’d like you to have much happiness and a wealth of smiles throughout the all upcoming year! May the world become greener and more kind! We have to make our Planet the better and greener place to live! We must be committed to the heritage and culture we will hand over to our kids and the next generation!

Forthcoming 2017 year for ADGEX will mostly become the year of entering targeted markets and rollout of such advanced green and high-effective projects as single crystals growth, MSW treatment and Energy.

Today we are making official announcement of developments in our Energy sector, particularly in regard to finalization of GPA program (Gravity Power Amplifier). This technology has been developing for several years, representing new era of electric current generators, powered by the principle of electricity amplification concentrated in terrestrial field. GPA technology is ecologically responsible and inflict no harm on biological and energy balance of Earth. GPA technology is in the sphere of renewable energy. The energy used by devices powered by GPA principle are brought back into environmental energy circulation: the taken energy amount will be always returned back.

Based on unified theory of physics of Dr Dzhabrail Kharunovich Baziev, who discovered electron neutrino, ADGEX ENERGY has developed new electrophysics where all elements are of material nature: magnetic and electric fields, as well as electric current itself. We understood the essence of gravitation and the way how we can use it as a carrier of infinite energy. ADGEX ENERGY has mastered the creation method of nonlinear systems “ground – atmosphere” and the technology of special electric pump, capable of extracting energy from Earth and transforming it into useful yield, like power, light, heat etc. The most important revelation we made and proved in practice on test benches and first prototypes was that all aspects in such systems can be forecasted based on calculations.

Drying inventing and developing of GPA, ADGEX ENERGY faced a pile of unknown problems and tasks, which had to be solved at the earliest. The most serious task to settle (despite its absurdity) was capability to repeat produced devices during mass production. For a long time, it was unclear for us why a flashlight works stable, and another one produced under the same scheme – unstable, or simply doesn’t work at all. After numerous experiments, seeking solutions and new inventions, we have come to know the key factor: highly accurate selection of materials, used for production of GPA generator core must be done. Generator core is the major part of the device, giving additional gain in electric power in complete electrical circuit.

Resulting from a long and meticulous work such selection of material was done and stable generation effect on different sources was achieved. At the same time ADGEX ENERGY has made several scientific discoveries in the following application domains: • Spontaneous noninductive generation of bridges on field transistors; • The essence of EMF (Electromotive force) and BEMF (Back electromotive force) and capability to freely control it; • Soliton electronics – discovery of solitons in impulse phenomena of electric current, which in classical physics are deemed parasitic; • Materiality of electric current, magnetic and electric fields; • The essence of generation and discharge of terrestrial field energy under the scheme Gravitation – Material (Ferro-resonance) – Electric current.

For today we have neared the next step – ADGEX ENERGY have to make and conduct testing program to make sure GPA devices operate stable as well to understand their dependence of geographical place of exploitation, light conditions, seasons and weather-climatic factors. Once the testing is over, from April 2017 we are planning to release the first readymade devices based on GPA technology, including the 2nd generation of ELFE flashlights, TACHYON Power Banks and Independent lighting systems OFF-THE-GRID.

ADGEX Company would like to apologize to all our customers for the delay in release of ELFE 2 flashlights. Unfortunately, the process of the product upgrade and transformation into the end commercial device took more time and efforts than primarily expected. We will endeavor to enter the market with readymade product by the end of the 1st quarter of 2017.

ADGEX wishes all people of our wonderful Planet for 2017 to have light and heat in your homes generated by GPA devices.”

#4Adgex Elfe torch. A$99.


Donald L. Smith 400kw device is the simplest and has the highest power for size by far but the inventor who died of old age inventions have been mostly forgotten because of own secrecy.

#5 Donald Lee Smith simple construction compact 6kg (40cm x 37cm x 25.5cm) 400kw 1000v generator for cheap reliable robo-taxi and road vehicles, Would also work in cheap electrical propeller aircraft and boats. Motor driven resistance-less rotating disc to alternate magnetic shield flux between permanent magnets in coils. Robust supply able to continue operating if war or coronal mass ejection solar flare disrupted supply of foreign oil or grid. Plus correct balance of national international trade accounts. The physics works: instead of using counter rotating magnetic resistance to create flux (electrical potential) this generator uses rotating alternating magnetic shielding so no physical resistance. (Technique1: Sprinkling glue on vinyl record with alternating neodynium powder 2: glue alternating magnetic shielding foil to vinyl record)


#6 Searl Effect (SEG Magnetics) free energy anti-gravity (flying saucer) technology. ~100ton cargo military and to space infinite range (Mars) launcher lifter, lander and return craft. Able to revolutionise space, military and air transport. Free to run: no fuel required; will convert all ambient energies and forces into electron flow for collection as electricity starting with positive magnetic flux then ambient heat and then after this causes super cooling superconductivity negative flux convert gravity (the entire positive and negative energy radiation spectrum) to electron flow for collection as electricity (after ~5 minutes from start up) so cause negative mass so as to lift any load within the field and as causes expansion of universe, a month of anti-gravity effect acceleration in space will propel craft to light speed.Generators can range in size from soon again 15Kw, 100kw to power cars, up to power stations rated producing hundreds of Megawatts. All materials and proportions of all components of a Searl Effect Generator (SEG) are a product of a precise law of squares. The SEG consists of three concentric layers of equal weight to form rings and rollers each made of four different materials in concentric attachment to each other. The layers typically consist of (from inner layer) non aligned random magnetic particle polarisation Neodymium, Teflon, Permanent magnet in polar alignment such as ceramic and neodymium boron magnet, and outer most is OFHC copper. The three rings are fixed to a base. Surrounding each of the rings, and free to rotate around them, are rollers - typically 10 on the first ring, 25 on the next and 35 on the outer ring. Surrounding the rollers on the outer ring are coils which are connected in various configurations to supply either AC or DC current at a variety of voltages. Imprint magnetic multiple poles in wave formation onto rings and rollers to form frictionless magnetic bearings. These also arrange the static charge into opposing charge clusters which cause the rollers to rotate around the circumference of the ring. When the SEG rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG Ring, the magnetic field causes negative ions and electrons to be drawn to accelerate through the machine. This process is assisted by the highly electron-attracting rare earth metal neodymium. A SEG is 3 stage step up rotary transformer, increasing final output to a very high voltage. The output windings collection coils to step down to 240 volts at 15KW. Can provide electrical, and anti-gravity output, in which case the SEG can propel the space vehicle directly. Produces an anti-gravity effect strong enough to cheaply and safely launch satellite, cargo, and people for less than 10% of the development and launch costs of obsolete dangerous expensive rocketry technology. May produce artificial gravity such as to live in space. Because a SEG is self-reliant will operate in remote locations without liquid fuel. Quiet: little aircraft noise. Searl Magnetics now SEG Magnetics in the USA will do on going research and development with the discoverer John Searl. The first experimental free energy generator with unexpected anti-gravity effect, broke free, lifted the roof, flew off into space and was lost. Our founder John Searl and company can control the anti-gravity effect. Gave a remote control device to USA Edwards Air Force Base For evaluation, but they were unable to make use of it as it or was deemed theoretically impossible even when actually in flight, was useless to the Air force in the then raw small configuration. John Searl and company spent several million dollars of science foundation, government and private donations to build several Levity Discs and global guidance network in the 1960s. John Searl's unmanned anti-gravity craft made 200 orbits of the earth at low altitude and high speed. Our John Searl produced another small device in New Zealand, and began work on a larger vehicle able to carry a passenger. John Searl used the small machine as a household and workshop power source. John Searl then persistently refused to pay for the connection of electricity to his property, which at that time was illegal in NZ, and was subsequently sent to prison, for destroyed meter. During this period in prison someone set fire to John Searl's workshop, the fire destroyed the large anti gravity vehicle with all of his notes. It was not known what became of the small generator but it was also lost or destroyed. John Searl and SEG Magnetics will reconstruct plans and measurements, experiment with modern materials, trial making some components, publish technical books (1000 page engineers manual) so anyone with deep pockets will be able to build Searl Levity Disk (saucer) and the Searl effect web page on the device, and try to raise enough money to develop, build, and manufacture more devices. Workshop has been constrained by shoestring budget of less than $10,000/month for several years. I suggest John Searl should make the technology more available for success one way or another, including pending sale of saucer to China and eventual construction in China. John Searl now wants to abandon any attempt to gain a patent and void any attempt by others to steal and control rights to his technology by open sourcing all of his Searl Effect Generator Inverse Gravity Vehicle technology. John Searl is now about 80 years of age, and coming to the conclusion the only remaining opportunity for manufacture of his invention and personal success is to helps any maker with deeper pockets construct this invention. John Searl should and would still like to be paid a prize and royalties and gain credit for this work to lead to the construction of new copies of this invention. Insufficient funds prevented the existence of any currant demonstration device. I suggest PayPal subscriber regular donations crowd funding for rights to portion of future revenues (not shares to comply with SEC). $5,000,000 should be sufficient to equip a workshop to construct a working demo model by SEG Magnetics, Once having the equipment the manufacturing cost of each precision Searl Effect device would be minimal above the cost of materials. From then on each device would cost $5,000 to $10,000 to construct. A Russian team have a part duplication single stage device [ instead of the three stage Searl device ] and reproduce a small 35% reduction in weight and free electricity. The first Searl Effect products are envisioned to be 1-A compact 15 kW generator unit, measuring approximately 46 x 61 x 12 cm, to provide DC or AC single or three phase electricity at a variety of voltages, typically 12 to 240 V Each unit would deliver 60,000 KW hours before requiring remagnetization on an exchange unit basis,. and 2-A flying craft called an Inverse-G-Vehicle or (IGV). The Searl effect is verified by partial duplication in Russia by Roschin and Godin. Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Science ; "A 1 meter diameter disc at 600 rpm obtains a 35% reduction in weight while generating 7 KW of excess electric power." "There has been a great interest in examining non linear effects in the system of rotating magnetic fields. Such effects have been observed in the device called Searl's generator or SEG (SEG, Searl Effect Generator) A SEG consists of a series of three rings and rollers that go around those rings. The rollers revolve around the plates that form the rings, but they do not touch them," "All the results we obtained are extremely unusual and require some theoretical explanation. Unfortunately the interpretation of results within the framework of the conventional physical theory cannot explain all the observed phenomena and first of all the change of weight. The change of weight is possible to interpret as a local change of gravity force or as an occurrence of propulsion force by repelling from its own field" Searl technology superior to top secret extra-terrestrial technology exchange program anti gravity that required elements or difficult expensive construction techniques not within Earth resources or unsafe nuclear reactions such as for megawatt power supply for Biefeld Brown technologies and because of ease of mass production (has had high initial tooling costs) precise complete system design, high power, no dangerous polluting toxic elements or compounds (red mercury TR-3b and TR-6 having only 89% weight reduction plus thrusters for superluminal speeds to travel forward in time also back somehow) or nuclear reactions (element 115 ununpentium) so environmentally clean and infinite range as would allow humans very fast travel (possibly faster than light) to and return from Mars. Possibly the best combination of technologies would be to use the Biefeld Brown principle for instant take off from charging capacitor for instant ion wind away from and thrust towards the sharp electrode with the surplus electricity and delayed extra thrust for time travel speeds in space using the Searl effect. Montok time travel experiments were limited because required huge power input as were not self powering. To contribute to the Searl project: PayPal


#7 John Hutchison Crystal Power Cell:

Normal voltage 1.5Vx.2A.

#8 My convergence of several designs into a basic build process to make your own Crystal Plasma Power Cells. Someone should build this at home, this may work; Safety: Wear eye protection, gloves and air filter (I glue a snorkel mouthpiece into the best replacement filter component from a face mask type one for better seal). Items: Carbon graphite crucible and magnesium wire with carbon nano-wire coating possibilities as conductive + pole electrode (anode) core. Zinc and Copper cups with carbon nano-wire coating options as conductive – pole electrode (cathode) shell also stainless steel and aluminium pop drink cans additional options. Crystal diode electrolyte: blend dry (to prevent limited acid alkaline chemical reaction) powders, Hutchison method melts together just salt crystal components and dopants at about 200 degrees Celsius. Can also add just crystal and dopants mix to copper cup with magnesium core and non conductive heat resistant spacer in bottom then heat over flame to melt together, not boil solid. Dry crystal powder mix (without having to melt together) seems to work nearly as well and a lot easier.

40% Binder to make more durable of equal parts poly-vinyl-alcohol powder (PVA wood glue) to react with potassium hydroxide to create super capacitor and polyethylene terephthalate (PET polyester resin in styrene base to make solid) also as a capacitor, also additional types of capacitor resins? (may skip and use just dry powder mix so components will be upgradable and reusable for testing):

+Powders to mix together and dehydrate in food dehydrator. (no water powders: so no limited acid alkaline with acid to salt battery reaction).

30% equal parts the following dry crystal salt powders and things diode dielectric electrolyte: Dry EDTA (Chelation detox supplement), Dry silicon carbide powder (uses; abrasives, sandpaper, armour), Dry sodium hydrogen carbonate powder (Bicarbonate Baking Soda / sodium carbonate) (alkaline; salt), Dry potassium hydrogen tartrate powder (Cream of tartar acidic salt), Dry potassium chloride powder (common salt substitute and also as water softener acidic salt), Dry potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate crystal powder (Rochelle salt; alkaline salt), Dry hydrated potassium aluminium sulphate powder / aluminium ammonium sulfate (alum; acidic – salt), Dry sodium tetraborate powder (Borax; alkaline salt), Dry magnesium sulfate powder (epsom salt; neutral salt), Dry sodium silicate powder (alkaline salt), Dry perovskite crystal powder (in solar cells to convert sunlight to electricity for as flat cell).

20% Nano state mix. (Convert radiation to electricity as in Keshe units and as for Tepco Fukushima radiation cleanup) To make carbon dioxide nano state powder (white); carbon conductor nano wire coat coat 10cm square pure copper plate; first drill small hole in each corner of copper plate with copper screws add 2cm copper feet to each corner, place short tube through hole near bottom of square plastic tub (glass would be better) place through hole short hot tube from top of boiler for solution of 4% Sodium hydroxide caustic soda, 1% pure potassium hydroxide, 1% pure potassium chloride (the potassium is essential to process) and a drop of liver of sulphur? Shake and worm to dissolve additives. Then boil to will feed the steam from solution to fix middle to far end of bottom of tub, with just big enough gap around tube hole for exit of excess air, then add 10cm square copper plate on top so standing on own 4 feet, these will protect the nano wires in future, in an open air location with people away from; boil the solution to carbon conductor nano coat the copper plate until black, then gently rinse in pure water do not touch or rub plate surface so protect fine nano conductor wires; (May for food applications neutralise alkalinity of caustic soda on plate with citric acid (lemon juice) in water to neutralise toxicity), then evaporate dry harden using dry heat with butane propane torch and so as to add additional nano conductor wires coating. For the zinc plate have zinc feet with 4% some sort of stable phosphorous compound possibly phosphate and 1% silver nitrate for silver nano fibres, dry so will harden with naturally and with blow dryer. To make the nano state carbon dioxide; place the copper plate with carbon nanowire conductor coating on one side of a clean second tub and the zinc plate with the silver phosphorous nano wires on the facing sides of the the clean second tub have tube to seal through side near bottom of side to 10cm square aerator to bubble carbon dioxide, may have fish tank aerator to recycle from room pressure tank through the saline water. (May use sea water if desperate), Even better have pure water to add 1.5% pure sodium chloride, 1.5% potassium chloride, 1.5% sodium silicate and 1.5% silicon dioxide solution I think (the main thing is the right salinity without contamination), Connect together plates with wires and small green LED (who knows why green, seems to work best, may be green light is good). NO power between the copper plate with black nano wire coating and zinc plate with silver nano wire conductor coating. (remove green LED for more zinc oxide). Let run for a week to create cloudy sediment slurry, after settling draw clear area off top so leave nano state carbon dioxide sedimentation cloud layer on bottom, refill with pure water from distillation, leave a week where warm to evaporate off excess water and so as to settle draw off clear water off top so repeat 4 times so as to reduce, For dry nano state powder for dry crystal mix in eternal plasma generator continue to heat so to evaporate off all water and shake to make sure will be powder so not solidify, could put in dry mixer blender. Dry CH3 methyl Keshe gans (creamy golden yellow – use copper with nano wire coating from caustic soda (carbon graphite rod just as good) and stainless steel (iron + chromium) plate in sea water (10% sea salt for sodium chloride and silica). Dry titanium dioxide as nano state powder (white – use copper with nano wire coating from caustic soda and titanium plate in sea water (10% sea salt) connect together with resister and LED, apply 3V x .02A/litre to plates using adjustable power supply with negative black wire to copper with nano coating with carbon graphite rod just as good). Dry copper oxide nano state powders (turquoise powder – use copper plate with nano wire coating from caustic soda and copper plate in sea water (10% sea salt), aerate with medical oxygen concentrator bubbler, apply (1.9V .8A/litre). Dry nickel nano state powder (blue turquoise), use copper with nano wire coating from the caustic soda mix and nickel plate such as .999 nickel coins in saline water (10% sea salt), apply 1.9V x .005A/litre through resistor to + on nickel and – to copper plate with nano wire coating. Dry mix of nano state particles of each of the dopants in the dopants section (using same process), also mono atomic silver and gold ormus water for in generator center carbon graphite crucible with lid.

9% Dry mix of equal Dry amethyst crystal powder, Dry cobalt chloride powder, Dry carbamide crystal powder – urea, Dry sodium hydroxide alkaline crystal powder (caustic soda), Dry potassium hydroxide, Dry fluoropolymers powder (electret polymer ; do not burn), Dry polypropylene powder (electret polymer ; do not burn), Dry polyethyleneterephthalate powder (electret polymer ; do not burn), Dry potassium iodide crystal salt powder (as for radiation poisoning converts radiation to electricity), Dry zinc sulphide crystal powder (radiant energy collector in Thomas Moray power generator), Dry quartz crystal powder, Dry bath salts (Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts), Dry magnesium chloride, Dry sodium hypochlorite powder (swimming pool chlorine), Dry calcium carbonate crystal powder (chalk), Dry barium silicon oxide, Dry glucose sugar crystal powder (C6H12O6), Dry Ca3Co4O9 crystal powder (heat to electricity), Dry barium titinate crystal powder (super capacitor also ptc thermistor current limiter to induce internal electrical resistance if hot to prevent burn out),

1% Dopant mix; Dry germanium powder (in resonance quantum tunnel diodes with negative resistance, frequency conversion and so amps x volts = constant current (watts), Silver nitrate powder (photography), Dry iron pyrite crystal powder (fools gold), Dry galena (Lead sulphide crystal powder; caution breath through air filter to limit lead poisoning; radio wave collector and converter to electricity), Dry gallium arsenide powder (in resonance quantum tunnel diodes convert to single voltage), Dry tin powder as in quantum tunnel diode, Dry yttrium powder, Dry iridium powder, Dry terbium powder (heat to electricity), Dry phosphorous powder (as in solar cells).

Prime polarity of cell by application of 12 volts to cell then with diode while hardening.

(adjust portions of conductor metals to get the right conductivity in this semiconductor medium so not short internally)

To the three types of test tubes of nano state (Keshe gans) in pure water; CH3 methyl, Copper oxide and Carbon dioxide to add to mono-atomic ormus water (Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements as of Annunaki and Egyptions); mono-atomic gold, platinum, silver, indium, iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium (all nutrients and normally non toxic).

My suggestions:

Version 1: Zinc cup for electron donor cathode – pole. Wash and steam internal area in caustic soda. Let dry in sun to remove water. In bottom of cup put electrical insulator disc spacer. (For electron attraction anode + pole terminal to use carbon graphite crucible with Au+Pt (monoatomic gold and platinum) powder in it in shop bottle comes in and fill to top with pure water from steam distillation (from grocer) and shake (others used Pb (lead) gans powder in center but that was too toxic). In the gap around the crucible to place the following 3 tubes unit to join at silver coin (to go under crucible). Each tube unit to have an exterior coil and an interior coil. First wind the 3 interior copper coils and connect to silver coin to go under carbon graphite crucible in middle. Fire nano-coat (such as with butane propane torch and stove lighter and caustic soda nano-coating the exterior of the interior coils unit, then short with diode while drying to polarize and condition, Then carefully (so nano state wires not damaged) place heat shrink tubing over these internal coils and shrink heat shrink tube with flame so with wire coming out of each end so as to make lower end shut onto wire so waterproof so as not to have contaminated inside with silicon sealer, leave the top of each of the 3 internal coils open, to then fill; 1st internal coil tube to fill with CUO (copper oxide) as nano state slurry in pure water (such as from steam distillation); 2nd internal coil tube to fill with CO2 (carbon dioxide) as nano state slurry in pure water; 3rd internal coil tube to fill with CH3 (Methyl) as nano state slurry in pure water, then seal the top of the interior coil to the copper wire to protrude from top to connect end of exterior coil of each internal coil. The exterior coils to fire and caustic nano wire coat then join to interior coil at top and fire coat, the lower end of the exterior to terminate at bottom by bend back into an eye ring, the exterior coil to interact directly in contact with dry powder mix. Place electrically insulation layer in bottom of zinc cup to then place the coils and 1oz silver coin (to be the conductor at bottom of carbon graphite crucible which is also to be the electrical conductor). Blend dry crystal, Keshe nano state, electret dopants polymers mix, then pour between the carbon graphite crucible, the copper coil tubes and the zinc cup shell (may use polyester resin to make more durable and fix copper tubes in place). Fill crucible with ormus nano particle slurry in pure water. Use edge of zinc cup for negative terminal. Use crystal plasma power cells to enhance power and polarize. (Be careful; do not electrocute yourself)

Version 2: 120mm-150mm cube plastic food container. Wash and steam 100cm x 100cm copper and silicon carbide graphite layers in pure 100% sodium hydroxide caustic soda. Let dry in sun. Place 100mm x 100mm x 1mm copper layer in bottom of container. Drill hole through copper layer and bottom of food container for conductor bolt, washers and nut to use as negative terminal (cathode). Then add 10mm layer mix of crystal salt powders, electret polymers, 3 Keshe gans and dopants to form 10mm powder layers (powder mix so maintain natural crystal structures). Then add 100mm x 100mm x 1mm carbon graphite layer. Then add second 100mm x 100mm x 1mm zinc layer. Then second 10mm layer of crystal salts, electret polymers, Keshe gans and dopants mix. Then second carbide graphite layer, and so on. Bolt top carbon graphite layer to lid for positive (anode) terminal. Place on side so powder mix will connect all plates.

Version 3: Wash and steam zinc layers and carbon graphite layers with water in 5% pure sodium hydroxide caustic soda and let dry in sun. Make layer of crystals and polymers and dopants mix together equal parts polyester resin with crystal powders, polymer electret powders, 3 Keshe gans powders and dopants mix and paste to both sides plus with hardener to make 3mm gel layer of consistent thickness harden around 110mm x 110mm thin layer of polyester fabric separator to ensure insulation between conductor plates of 100mm x 100mm x 1mm silicon carbide graphite and 100mm x 100mm x 1mm copper layer to bind together when set. Connect wire with black insulation to copper plate to be cathode negative terminal. Connect wire with red insulation to silicon carbide graphite layer to be anode positive terminal. Optional to boost as may produce more than enough electricity anywhere; adhere these tiles to reverse side of solar panels to collect and convert ambient heat or radiation into electricity.

Version 4: With perovskites crystal powder in crystal powders mix and for anode use cheap transparent conductor film of zinc-oxide with aluminium and gallium dopants on PET (polyester substrate) to be actual solar cells as well.

Version 5: Buy new zinc-carbon D-cells. Remove external coverings and end plates and insulator ring (wear gloves and eye protection). Carefully remove carbon graphite rod anode with pliers, dig out manganese dioxide, Wash carbon graphite rod and zinc can then with mix of water from steam distillation plus pure caustic soda in water solution. Add to water to make 4% by weight pure sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and 1% pure potassium hydroxide to internally wet zinc cans and seal with end plate and tape and place opening down in sun for 1+days depending on temperature and repeat 5 times; should turn black inside with nano-wire coating (do not touch inside so not damage nano-wire coating), then open and dry completely to harden nano coating while connecting with alligator clips to multi meter on 200millivolt range to bleed electrical charge from zinc can. Fill bottom of each zinc can with dry ganses, crystal salts, electret polymers and dopants powders mix, set carbon graphite rod in middle so no short to zinc can fill to top with powder mix. Have thin tubes of CH3 (methyl) gans and nano particles? in H20 so water tight with seal at ends to place between carbon graphite rod core and zinc can shell and so as to not short out cell? Reassemble insulator ring and end plates (scrape away center of top plate to have good electrical connection with carbon graphite rod) seal such as with heat glue gun and in brown heat shrink tubing. D-cell battery charge should then be eternal. May require voltage converter and regulator which you may install inside your device such as a DAB+ radio. May also power charger, LED light, aerators and hydroponics pump eternally. May have in parallel and series and add DC-DC smart charger to direct charge batteries in line interactive uninterruptible power supply so use the UPS inverter to power home appliances.

Who known how this works; no complicated physics graffiti, just a lot of observations, convergence and basic principles.

Version 6: de sulphur 12volt 6 cell lead acid battery for a week with electric de sulphur pulse unit, drain lead acid battery (wear gloves and goggles and be careful as sulphuric acid was very corrosively dangerous, also had lead which was toxic, we really need a free local council service to remove toxic waste so not contaminated environment), fill battery with baking soda and EDTA mix in water (bubbles up so be careful) to de sulphur and leave a day and rinse to completely de sulphur. Steam nano wire coat battery plates with caustic soda so not coating not shorted plates around internal sides, so place battery on side so plates are horizontal, have hot caustic soda solution below lower plate then seal and place battery in hot box for 24hours to steam nano wire coat (may just leave in sun in hot summer), drain, dry, invert battery and repeat, Then drain, dry and stand battery as normal, Place 2 of each of the 12 test tubes (4 of each of Carbon dioxide, Methyl and Copper oxide Keshe nano state particle slurry in pure water) inside each of the batteries 6 dry cells, so two of unique type in each of the 6 battery cells. Then add 6 test tubes of ormus ( mono atomic gold and things) in water slurry test tubes so in each cell in between the 2 unique Keshe nano state particle slurry test tubes in each cell. Then add around the plates and test tubes the dry crystal salts, gans (nano particle state), electrets, capacitor and dopants powder mix, can also add these powders to PET (polyester), styrene and similar capacitor resin and hardener to pour into battery so set solid so make indestructible and add capacitor for spike surge capability, (All 6 dry cells to have the same dry powder mix to have flow of electricity). For plasma field interaction. This may possibly work similar to the new Keshe 20kw plasma eternal power cell. Add an inverter to convert to correct voltage and AC frequency such as 230v 50hz and a circuit breaker at half of permanent full load limit. Free to copy.

#9 InfinitySav Free Energy Device. Start with a normal 1.5v AA battery for under 1 second. Then the device works by its self and produces clean portable electricity free. Silent operation and perpetual. Feedback mechanism with 700% efficiency. Also will be possible to produce higher power such as 30W-2MW. The device works on the resonance frequencies 2-7Khz. Generates 12V DC and 220V AC reliable free electricity anywhere.

#10 ERR Flux Generator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation. Inventor, James B. Schwartz of the Philippines. For small electrical: Toaster, Lawn mower, Vacuum cleaner. Small version for electronics. A suit case sized device containing 4kg of components puts out six kilowatts of electricity drawn from the surroundings, using a solid state with solid state aluminum-bismuth layers of "left-handed materials" Aluminum and Bismuth and interwoven coils. Tapping into Earth radiation frequencies. Undergoing testing and refinement, new left hand materials may produce an 8x improvement in power output per unit of weight. Based on similar technology by Moray, Tesla, and Tom Bearden except that it doesn't need an external power supply to switch the magnetic fields. It uses a very powerful magnet with a special circuit board that contains a new hi-tech chip to switch the magnetic fields. It also contains ultra-thin graphite sheets called graphene. Using a very sensitive technique to separate the individual sheets of carbon atoms that are layered on top of one another in graphite. These layers are electrically conducting because they contain electrons that are free to roam across each layer. In the graphene, the charge carrying particles act as if they're without mass, or weight. In this respect they are more like photon particles that convey light than like electrons. Progress is being made and arrangements are in place to move toward the realisation of genuine usable power production, but there are still steps ahead that must not be rushed to ensure the success of this technology (Aug 8, 2009). In one device three plates have a solid plate of aluminum on one side, [followed by] a sheet of bismuth, [followed by] another aluminium plate with six cut-outs which contain coils; covered by another sheet of bismuth, another aluminium plate with cut outs for more coils on top of that, then another sheet of bismuth, then another solid plate of aluminium, form 1 panel. The activator causes alternating frequencies in these plates to produce electrons. The device hones into the correct frequencies to interact with the plates interaction with the earths radiation fields. Other research teams around the world are doing similar experiments that also backup this theory. This device uses materials that support this type of effect for light and other electromagnetic waves. The experimental Flux Power Station uses A special frequency generator to induce a series of alternating frequencies to create a flow of electrons when activating the magnetic flux field. The theory is still in the experimental stages which requires a lot of research and testing for safety and other factors. The secret is in the material used, the size of the wire and the number of turns plus the frequency and how you alternate that frequency. There are many combinations that will allow you to get small amounts of electrons to flow. A 160,000 watt power station being built. A smaller model worked very well so bigger one should work when built and tested. This ERR Flux Power Station is designed to run a large house or you can add more Flux Power Vaults each of 10,000 watts if you need more power. First prototype in the basement of house in the Philippines. In an airtight chamber a special gas is pressurised to 1.5 psi. Each of 10 chambers will be produce 10 to 18,000 Watts DC power. The new Flux Power Plates should be maintenance free for many years. As newer Power Plates are developed the older Plates can be easily replaced by shutting down one chamber at a time. After the frequency generator is shut down to go into the chamber. The chamber holds ten Flux Power Plates that are 48” X 48” X 4” to produce 1,000 to as high 8,000 watts each depending on the Plates. As newer left-handed materials that support electromagnetic wave propagation are made power output may increase. Any oxygen in the chamber has caused flash burns between the plates. Each inner aluminium plates has 144 slots that are cut to 10 ½ X 2 ½ cm where 144 special coils are inserted. Noah’s Ark Research facility planning to move from Japan to Arizona to join the new Ranch Project of Bill Alek. Also planning to put Noah’s Ark Research facilities in India and the Fiji Islands with partner Company: New Ark Power. This inventor produced 20,000 working devices for sale but all were confiscated by the Japanese government for because many operating in close proximity to each other [ within 50 meters ] caused TV and radio interference.

#11 Orbo on-board eternal charger cell: solid state for eternal use of device without plugging in to recharge (no need for external cable input). Between 2 sheets of different conductor metal possibly p-type and n-type, a thin black electret gel compound (synthetic polymers; possibly: fluoropolymers, polypropylene, polyethyleneterephthalate) Create electret by after heating it above its melting temperature slowly cooling the dielectric material within a strong static electric field of several kilovolts/cm., To hold charge potential when cool with voltage relative to sheet area by slowing down magnetic field also gathers ambient fields into electricity. (An electret is a stable dielectric material with a quasi-permanently embedded static electric charge (which, due to the high resistance of the material, will not decay for time periods of up to hundreds of years) and/or a quasi-permanently oriented dipole polarization. Electrets are made by first melting a suitable dielectric material such as a polymer or wax that contains polar molecules, and then allowing it to re-solidify in a powerful electrostatic field. The polar molecules of the dielectric align themselves to the direction of the electrostatic field, producing a dipole electret with a permanent electrostatic 'bias'. Modern electrets are usually made by embedding excess charges into a highly insulating dielectric, by means of an electron beam, a corona discharge, injection from an electron, electric breakdown across a gap or a dielectric barrier. Electrets, like magnets, are dipoles. Another similarity is the radiant fields: They produce an electrostatic field (as opposed to a magnetic field) around their perimeter. When a magnet and an electret are near one another, a rather unusual phenomenon occurs: while stationary, neither has any effect on one another. However, when an electret is moved with respect to a magnetic pole, a force is felt which acts perpendicular to the magnetic field, pushing the electret along a path 90 degrees to the expected direction of 'push' as would be felt with another magnet. An electret microphone is a type of condenser microphone that eliminates the need for a power supply by using a permanently charged material. ) Roll 3 (2 metal) sheets into (1.4 volt) AA cell. Set to revolutionise cordless electronics: light bulbs with auto darkness, infra red with temperature adjustment and movement sensor and torches (remote village lighting), mobile phones (eternal remote banking), portable laptop computers (reliable remote research writing and submission), radios (remote access to information), TVs (remote education), efficient satellite.

#13 Brilliant Light Power (Blacklight Power): uses semi-nuclear reaction of abundant water to create solar light for high intensity solar panels. Will convert hydrogen (water) into oxygen, electricity and hydrinos (dark matter). Possible use as fuel and energy for android able to survive in the wild, grid power stations, also road, rail, ships and (military) submarine.

#14 Water as fuel: Stanley A. Meyer. Patent now expired so anyone can copy it all and use without restriction or royalty payment :

Process and apparatus for the production of fuel gas and the enhanced release of thermal energy from such gas US 5149407 A

Abstract: Water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas atoms in a capacitive cell by a polarization and resonance process dependent upon the dielectric properties of water and water molecules. The gas atoms are thereafter ionized or otherwise energized and thermally combusted to release a degree of energy greater than that of combustion of the gas in ambient air.



FIGS. 1A through 1F are illustrations depicting the theoretical bases for phenomena encountered during operation of the fuel gas production stage of the invention herein.

FIG. 2 illustrates a circuit useful in the fuel gas generation process.

FIG. 3 shows a perspective of a "water capacitor" element used in the fuel cell circuit.

FIG. 4 illustrates a staged arrangement of apparatus useful in the process, beginning with a water inlet and culminating in the production of thermal explosive energy.

FIG. 5A shows a cross-section of a circular gas resonant cavity used in the final stage assembly of FIG. 4.

FIG. 5B shows an alternative final stage injection system useful in the apparatus of FIG. 4.

FIG. 5C shows an optical thermal lens assembly for use with either final stage of FIG. 5A or FIG. 5B.

FIGS. 6A, 6B, 6C and 6D are illustrations depicting various theoretical bases for atomic phenomena expected to occur during operation of the invention herein.

FIG. 7 is an electrical schematic of the voltage source for the gas resonant cavity.

FIGS. 8A and 8B, respectively, show (A) an electron extractor grid used in the injector assemblies of FIG. 5A and FIG. 5B, and (B) the electronic control circuit for the extractor grid.

FIG. 9 shows an alternate electrical circuit useful in providing a pulsating waveform to the apparatus.


What is claimed is:

1. In an apparatus for obtaining the release of a gas mixture including hydrogen and other dissolved gases entrapped in water, from water, the improvement consisting of a resonant electronic circuit in operative relationship with the water in which the dielectric property of water determines the resonance of the circuit.

2. The apparatus of claim 1 in which the resonant circuit includes a resonant charging choke.

3. The apparatus of claim 1 in which water is included as a dielectric between conductive members that form a capacitor in the resonant circuit.

4. A method of obtaining thermal energy from water, consisting of:

(A) providing a capacitor, within which water is included as a dielectric, in a resonant charging choke circuit that includes an inductance in series with the capacitor;

(B) subjecting the capacitor to a pulsating, unipolar electric field in which the polarity does not pass beyond an arbitrary ground, whereby the water molecules within the capacitor are subjected to a charge of the same polarity;

(C) further subjecting the water in said capacitor to said pulsating electric field to achieve a pulse frequency such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance within the water molecule;

(D) continuing the application of the pulsing frequency to the capacitor after resonance occurs so that the energy level within the molecule is increased in cascading incremental steps in proportion to the number of pulses;

(E) maintaining the charge of said capacitor during the application of the pulsing field, whereby the co-valent electrical bonding of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms within said molecules is destabilized, such that the force of the electrical field applied within the molecule exceeds the bonding force of the molecule, and hydrogen and oxygen atoms are liberated from the molecule as elemental gases;

(F) collecting said hydrogen and oxygen gases, and any other gases that were formerly dissolved within the water

(G) subjecting the collected gas mixture to a pulsating, polar electric field whereby electrons of the gas atoms are distended in their orbital fields by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces, at a frequency such that the pulsating electric field includes a resonance with respect to an electron of the gas atom;

(H) cascading said gas atoms with respect to the pulsating electric field such that the energy level of the resonant electron is increased in cascading incremental steps;

(I) ionizing said gas atoms;

(J) subjecting the ionized gas atoms to electromagnetic wave energy having a predetermined frequency to induce a further election resonance in the ion, whereby the energy level of the electron is successively increased;

(K) extracting further electrons from the resonating ions while such ions are in an increased energy state to destabilize the nuclear and electron configuration of said ions; and

(L) subjecting the destabilized ions to thermal ignition.

5. The apparatus of claim 2 in which water is included as a dielectric between conductive members that form a capacitor in the resonant circuit.

6. An apparatus in accordance with claim 1 or claim 2 or claim 3 or claim 5 in which the gas mixture released is collected and utilized as a source of thermal energy, and including further successively interconnected:

(A) means for collecting the gas mixture released in the apparatus;

(B) means for providing a pulsating, polar electric field to the gas mixture, whereby electrons of the gas atoms are distended in their orbital fields by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces, at a frequency such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance with respect to an electron of the gas atom; and the energy level of the resonant electron is increased in cascading, incremental steps; and

(C) means for providing a further electric field to ionize said gas atoms;

said further means being connected to an electromagnetic wave energy source for subjecting the ionized gas atoms to wave energy of a predetermined frequency to induce a further election resonance in the ion, whereby the energy level of the electron is further successively increased; and

(D) an electron sink for extracting electrons from the resonanting ions while such ions are in an increased energy state to destabilize the nuclear and electron configuration of said ions;

(E) a control means for directing particle flow in a continuous manner through the electric fields, wave energy source and electron sink to a final orifice at which the destabilized ions exit from the apparatus; and

(F) a terminal orifice at which the said ions exit from the apparatus.

7. An apparatus in accordance with claim 1 or claim 2 or claim 3 or claim 5 including means for collecting the gas mixture released from the water.

8. An apparatus in accordance with claim 7 including means for directing the gas mixture to a combustion locus.

9. The apparatus of claim 8 in which a flame is produced at the combustion locus.

10. The apparatus of claim 8 in which an explosion is produced at the combustion locus.

11. The apparatus of claim 8 in which the combustion locus is in an automobile.

12. The apparatus of claim 8 in which the combustion locus is in a jet engine.


This invention relates to a method of and apparatus for obtaining the release of a fuel gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen from water and to a method of and apparatus for obtaining the further release of energy from such a fuel gas mixture. Charged ions derived from the fuel gas are stimulated to an activated state, and then passed through a resonant cavity, where successively increasing energy levels are achieved, and finally passed to an outlet orifice to produce thermal explosive energy.


A first object of the invention is to provide a fuel cell and a process in which molecules of water are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gases, and a fuel gas mixture including hydrogen, oxygen and other gasses formerly dissolved within the water is produced. A further object of the invention is to realize significant energy-yield from a fuel gas derived from water (H2 O) molecules. Molecules of water are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Electrically charged hydrogen and oxygen ions of opposite electrical polarity are activated by electromagnetic wave energy and exposed to a high temperature thermal zone. Significant amounts of thermal energy with explosive force beyond the gas burning stage are released.

An explosive thermal energy under a controlled state is produced. The process and apparatus provide a heat energy source useful for power generation, aircraft, rocket engines, or space stations.


A fuel gas is produced by a hydrogen fracturing process that follows the sequence of steps shown in the following Table I. Beginning with water molecules, the molecule is subjected to successively increasing electrical, wave energy and thermal forces. In the succession of forces, radomly oriented water molecules are aligned with respect to molecular polar orientation and themselves polarized and "elongated" by the application of an electric potential to the extent that covalent bonding of the water molecule is so weakened that the atoms disassociate and the molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen elemental components. The released atomic gases are next ionized and electrically charged in a vessel while being subjected to a further energy source that promotes inter-particle impact in the gas at an increased overall energy level. Finally, the atomic particles in the excited gas, having achieved successively higher energy levels, are subjected to a laser or electromagnetic wave energy source that produces atomic destabilization and the final release of thermal explosive energy. Engineering design parameters based on known theoretical principles of atomic physics determine the incremental levels of electrical and wave energy input required to produce resonance in each stage of the system. Instead of a dampening effect, a resonant energization of the molecule, atom or ion provides a compounding energy interaction resulting in the final energy release.





Final Stage: THERMAL IGNITION: Ignition.

In brief, in the first stage a gas mixture including hydrogen and oxygen and other dissolved gases formerly entrapped in water is obtained, from water. In general, the method used in the first stage consists of: (A) providing a capacitor, in which the water is included as a dielectric liquid between capacitor plates, in a resonant charging choke circuit that includes an inductance in series with the capacitor; (B) subjecting the capacitor to a pulsating, unipolar electric voltage field in which the polarity does not pass beyond an arbitrary ground, whereby the water molecules within the capacitor are subjected to a charge of the same polarity and the water molecules are distended by their subjection to electrical polar forces; (C) further subjecting the water in said capacitor to said pulsating electric field to achieve a pulse frequency such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance within the water molecule; (D) continuing the application of the pulsing frequency to the capacitor cell after resonance occurs so that the energy level within the molecule is increased in cascading incremental steps in proportion to the number of pulses; (E) maintaining the charge of said capacitor during the application of the pulsing field, whereby the co-valent electrical bonding of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms within said molecules is destabilized such that the force of the electrical field applied, as the force is effective within the molecule, exceeds the bonding force of the molecule, and hydrogen and oxygen atoms are liberated from the molecule as elemental gases; and (F) collecting said hydrogen and oxygen gases, and any other gases that were formerly dissolved within the water, and discharging the collected gases as a fuel gas mixture.

The water molecules are subjected to increasing electrical forces. In an ambient state, randomly oriented water molecules are aligned with respect to a molecular polar orientation. They are next, themselves polarized and "elongated" by the application of an electric potential to the extent that covalent bonding of the water molecule is so weakened that the atoms disassociate and the molecule breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen elemental components. In the process, the point of optimum gas release is reached at a circuit resonance. Water in the fuel cell is subjected to a pulsating, polar electric field produced by the electrical circuit whereby the water molecules are distended by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces of the capacitor plates. The polar pulsating frequency applied is such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance in the molecule. A cascade effect occurs and the overall energy level of specific water molecules is increased in cascading, incremental steps. The hydrogen and oxygen atomic gases, and other gas components formerly entrapped as dissolved gases in water, are released when the resonant energy exceeds the co-valent bonding force of the water molecule. A preferred construction material for the capacitor plates is a stainless steel T-304 which is non-chemically reactive with water, hydrogen, or oxygen. An electrically conductive material which is inert in the fluid environment is a desirable material of construction for the electric field plates of the "water capacitor" employed in the circuit.

Once triggered, the gas output is controllable by the attenuation of operational parameters. Thus, once the frequency of resonance is identified, by varying the applied pulse voltage to the water fuel cell assembly, gas output is varied. By varying the pulse shape and/or amplitude or pulse train sequence of the initial pulsing wave source, final gas output is varied. Attenuation of the voltage field frequency in the form of OFF and ON pulses likewise affects output.

The overall apparatus thus includes an electrical circuit in which a water capacitor having a known dielectric property is an element. The fuel gases are obtained from the water by the disassociation of the water molecule. The water molecules are split into component atomic elements (hydrogen and oxygen gases) by a voltage stimulation process called the electrical polarization process which also releases dissolved gases entrapped in the water.

From the outline of physical phenomena associated with the first stage of the process described in Table 1, the theoretical basis of the invention considers the respective states of molecules and gases and ions derived from liquid water. Before voltage stimulation, water molecules are randomly dispersed throughout water within a container. When a unipolar voltage pulse train such as shown in FIGS. 1B through 1F is applied to positive and negative capacitor plates, an increasing voltage potential is induced in the molecules in a linear, step-like charging effect. The electrical field of the particles within a volume of water including the electrical field plates increases from a low energy state to a high energy state successively in a step manner following each pulse-train as illustrated figuratively in the depictions of FIGS. 1A through 1F. The increasing voltage potential is always positive in direct relationship to negative ground potential during each pulse. The voltage polarity on the plates which create the voltage fields remains constant although the voltage charge increases. Positive and negative voltage "zones" are thus formed simultaneously in the electrical field of the capacitor plates.

In the first stage of the process describe in Table 1, because the water molecule naturally exhibits opposite electrical fields in a relatively polar configuration (the two hydrogen atoms are positively electrically charged relative to the negative electrically charged oxygen atom), the voltage pulse causes initially randomly oriented water molecules in the liquid state to spin and orient themselves with reference to positive and negative poles of the voltage fields applied. The positive electrically charged hydrogen atoms of said water molecule are attracted to a negative voltage field; while, at the same time, the negative electrically charged oxygen atoms of the same water molecule are attracted to a positive voltage field. Even a slight potential difference applied to inert, conductive plates of a containment chamber which forms a capacitor will initiate polar atomic orientation within the water molecule based on polarity differences.

When the potential difference applied causes the orientated water molecules to align themselves between the conductive plates, pulsing causes the voltage field intensity to be increased in accordance with FIG. 1B. As further molecular alignment occurs, molecular movement is hindered. Because the positively charged hydrogen atoms of said aligned molecules are attracted in a direction opposite to the negatively charged oxygen atoms, a polar charge alignment or distribution occurs within the molecules between said voltage zones, as shown in FIG. 1B. And as the energy level of the atoms subjected to resonant pulsing increases, the stationary water molecules become elongated as shown in FIGS. 1C and 1D. Electrically charged nuclei and electrons are attracted toward opposite electrically charged voltage zones--disrupting the mass and charge equilibrium of the water molecule.

As the water molecule is further exposed to an increasing potential difference resulting from the step charging of the capacitor, the electrical force of attraction of the atoms within the molecule to the capacitor plates of the chamber also increases in strength. As a result, the co-valent bonding between atoms which form the molecule is weakened--and ultimately terminated. The negatively charged electron is attracted toward the positively charged hydrogen atoms, while at the same time, the negatively charged oxygen atoms repel electrons.

In a more specific explanation of the "sub-atomic" action that occurs in the water cell that provides a fuel gas for the subsequent stages, it is known that natural water is a liquid which has a dielectric constant of 78.54 at 20° C. and 1 atm pressure. [Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 68th ed., CRC Press (Boca Raton, Fla. (1987-88)), Section E-50, H2 O (water)].

When a volume of water is isolated and electrically conductive plates, that are chemically inert in water and are separated by a distance, are immersed in the water, a capacitor is formed, having a capacitance determined by the surface area of the plates, the distance of their separation and the dielectric constant of water.

When water molecules are exposed to voltage at a restricted current, water takes on an electrical charge. By the laws of electrical attraction, molecules align according to positive and negative polarity fields of the molecule and the alignment field. The plates of a capacitor constitute such an alignment field when a voltage is applied.

When a charge is applied to a capacitor, the electrical charge of the capacitor equals the applied voltage charge; in a water capacitor, the dielectric property of water resists the flow of amps in the circuit, and the water molecule itself, because it has polarity fields formed by the relationship of hydrogen and oxygen in the covalent bond, and an intrinsic dielectric property, becomes part of the electrical circuit, analogous to a "microcapacitor" within the capacitor defined by the plates.

In the Example of a fuel cell circuit of FIG. 2, a water capacitor is included. The step-up coil is formed on a conventional torroidal core formed of a compressed ferromagnetic powdered material that will not itself become permanently magnetized, such as the trademarked "Ferramic 06# "Permag" powder as described in Siemens Ferrites Catalog, CG-2000-002-121, (Cleveland, Ohio) No. F626-1205. The core is 1.50 inch in diameter and 0.25 inch in thickness. A primary coil of 200 turns of 24 gauge cooper wire is provided and a coil of 600 turns of 36 gauge wire comprises the secondary winding. Other primary/secondary coil winding ratios may be conventionally determined.

An alternate coil arrangement using a conventional M27 iron transformer core is shown in FIG. 9. The coil wrap is always in one direction only.

In the circuit of FIG. 2, the diode is a 1N1198 diode which acts as a blocking diode and an electric switch that allows voltage flow in one direction only. Thus, the capacitor is never subjected to a pulse of reverse polarity.

The primary coil of the torroid is subject to a 50% duty cycle pulse. The torroidal pulsing coil provides a voltage step-up from the pulse generator in excess of five times, although the relative amount of step-up is determined by pre-selected criteria for a particular application. As the stepped-up pulse enters first inductor (formed from 100 turns of 24 gauge wire 1 inch in diameter), an electromagnetic field is formed around the inductor, voltage is switched off when the pulse ends, and the field collapses and produces another pulse of the same polarity; i.e., another positive pulse is formed where the 50% duty cycle was terminated. Thus, a double pulse frequency is produced; however, in a pulse train of unipolar pulses, there is a brief time when pulses are not present.

By being so subjected to electrical pulses in the circuit of FIG. 2, water confined in the volume that includes the capacitor plates takes on an electrical charge that is increased by a step charging phenomenon occurring in the water capacitor. Voltage continually increases (to about 1000 volts and more) and the water molecules starts to elongate.

The pulse train is then switched off; the voltage across the water capacitor drops to the amount of charge that the water molecules have taken on, i.e. voltage is maintained across the charged capacitor. The pulse train is then reapplied.

Because a voltage potential applied to a capacitor can perform work, the higher the voltage potential, the more work is performed by a given capacitor. In an optimum capacitor that is wholly non-conductive, zero (0) current flow will occur across the capacitor. Thus, in view of an idealized capacitor circuit, the object of the water capacitor circuit is to prevent electron flow through the circuit, i.e. such as occurs by electron flow or leakage through a resistive element that produces heat. Electrical leakage in water will occur, however, because of some residual conductivity and impurities or ions that may be otherwise present in the water. Thus, the water capacitor is preferably chemically inert. An electrolyte is not added to the water.

In the isolated water bath, the water molecule takes on charge, and the charge increases. The object of the process is to switch off the co-valent bonding of the water molecule and interrupt the sub-atomic force, i.e. the electrical force or electromagnetic force, that binds the hydrogen and oxygen atoms to form a molecule so that the hydrogen and oxygen separate.

Because an electron will only occupy a certain electron shell (the shells are well known) the voltage applied to the capacitor affects the electrical forces inherent in the co-valent bond. As a result of the charge applied by the plates, the applied force becomes greater than the force of the co-valent bonds between the atoms of the water molecule; and the water molecule becomes elongated. When this happens, the time share ratio of the electrons between the atoms and the electron shells is modified.

In the process, electrons are extracted from the water bath; electrons are not consumed nor are electrons introduced into the water bath by the circuit as electrons are conventionally introduced in an electrolysis process. There may nevertheless occur a leakage current through the water. Those hydrogen atoms missing electrons become neutralized; and atoms are liberated from the water. The charged atoms and electrons are attracted to opposite polarity voltage zones created between the capacitor plates. The electrons formerly shared by atoms in the water co-valent bond are re-allocated such that neutral elemental gases are liberated.

In the process, the electrical resonance may be reached at all levels of voltage potential. The overall circuit is characterized as a "resonant charging choke" circuit which is an inductor in series with a capacitor that produces a resonant circuit. [SAMS Modern Dictionary of Electronics, Rudolff Garff, ©1984, Howard W. Sams & Co. (Indianapolis, Ind.), p. 859.] Such a resonant charging choke is on each side of the capacitor. In the circuit, the diode acts as a switch that allows the magnetic field produced in the inductor to collapse, thereby doubling the pulse frequency and preventing the capacitor from discharging. In this manner a continuous voltage is produced across the capacitor plates in the water bath; and the capacitor does not discharge. The water molecules are thus subjected to a continuously charged field until the breakdown of the co-valent bond occurs.

As noted initially, the capacitance depends on the dielectric properties of the water and the size and separation of the conductive elements forming the water capacitor.


In an example of the circuit of FIG. 2 (in which other circuit element specifications are provided above), two concentric cylinders 4 inches long formed the water capacitor of the fuel cell in the volume of water. The outside cylinder was 0.75 inch in outside diameter; the inner cylinder was 0.5 inch in outside diameter. Spacing from the outside of the inner cylinder to the inner surface of the outside cylinder was 0.0625 inch. Reasonance in the circuit was achieved at a 26 volt applied pulse to the primary coil of the torroid at 10 KHz, and the water molecules disassociated into elemental hydrogen and oxygen and the gas released from the fuel cell comprised a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen from the water molecule, and gases formerly dissolved in the water such as the atmospheric gases or oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.

In achieving resonance in any circuit, as the pulse frequency is adjusted, the flow of amps is minimized and voltage is maximized to a peak. Calculation of the resonance frequency of an overall circuit is determined by known means; different cavities have a different frequency of resonance dependent on parameters of the water dielectric, plate size, configuration and distance, circuit inductors, and the like. Control of the production of fuel gas is determined by variation of the period of time between a train of pulses, pulse amplitude and capacitor plate size and configuration, with corresponding value adjustments to other circuit components.

The wiper arm on the second inductor tunes the circuit and accommodates to contaminants in water so that the charge is always applied to the capacitor. The voltage applied determines the rate of breakdown of the molecule into its atomic components. As water in the cell is consumed, it is replaced by any appropriate means or control system.

Thus in the first stage, which is of itself independently useful, a fuel gas mixture is produced having, in general, the components of elemental hydrogen and oxygen as well as formerly dissolved entrapped atmospheric gases such as nitrogen, argon, and the like. The fuel gas is itself combustible in a conventional manner.

After the first stage the gas atoms become elongated during electron removal as the atoms are ionized. Laser, or light wave energy of a predetermined frequency is injected into a containment vessel in a gas ionization process. The light energy absorbed by voltage stimulated gas nuclei causes destabilization of gas ions still further. The absorbed laser energy causes the gas nuclei to increase in energy state, which, in turn, causes electron deflection to a higher orbital shell.

The electrically charged and laser primed combustible gas ions from a gas resonant cavity may be directed into an optical thermal lens assembly for triggering. Before entry into the optimal thermal lens, however, electrons are stripped from the ions and the atom is destabilized. The destabilized gas ions which are electrically and mass unbalanced atoms having highly energized nuclei are pressurized during spark ignition. The unbalanced, destablized atomic components thermally interact; the energized and unstable hydrogen gas nuclei collide with highly energized and unstable oxygen gas nuclei, causing and producing thermal explosive energy beyond the gas burning stage. The ambient air gas components in the initial mixture aid the thermal explosive process under a controlled state.

In the process, the point of optimum energy-yield is reached when the electron deficient oxygen atoms (having less than a normal number of electrons) lock onto and capture a hydrogen atom electron prior to or during thermal combustion of the hydrogen/oxygen mixture. Atomic decay results in the release of energy.

After the first stage, the gas mixture is subjected to a pulsating, polar electric field whereby electrons of the gas atoms are distended in their orbital fields by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces The polar pulsating frequency applied is such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance with respect to an electron of the gas atom. A cascade effect results and the energy level of specific resonating electron is increased in cascading, incremental steps.

Next, the gas atoms are ionized and subjected to electro-magnetic wave energy having a predetermined frequency to induce a further election resonance in the ion, whereby the energy level of the election is successively increased. Electrons are extracted from the resonating ions while such ions are in an increased energy state to destabilize the nuclear electron configuration of said ions; and the gas mixture of destabilized ions is thermally ignited.

In the apparatus shown in FIG. 4, water is introduced at inlet 1 into a first stage water fracturing module 2, such as the water fuel cell described above, in which water molecules are broken down into hydrogen, oxygen and released entrapped gas components. The released atomic gases and other gas components formerly entrapped as dissolved gases in water may be introduced to a successive stage 3 or other number of like resonant cavities, which are arranged in either a series of parallel combined array. The successive energization of the gas atoms provides a cascading effect, successively increasing the voltage stimulation level of the released gasses as they sequentially pass through cavities 2, 3, etc. In a final stage, an injector system 4, of a configuration of the type shown in FIGS. 5A or 5B, receives energized atomic and gas particles where the particles are subjected to further energy input, electrical excitation and thermal stimulation, whereby thermal explosive energy results 5, which may be directed thru a lens assembly of the type shown in FIG. 5C to provide a controlled thermal energy output.

A single cell, or a battery of cells such as shown in FIG. 3, provides a fuel gas source for stages after the first stage. The fuel gas is activated by electromagnetic waves, and electrically charged gas ions of hydrogen and oxygen (of opposite polarity) are expelled from the cascaded cells 2, 3, etc. shown in FIG. 4. The circuit of FIG. 9 may be utilized as a source of ionizing energy for the gases. The effect of cascading successively increases the voltage stimulation level of the released gases, which then are directed to the final injector assembly 4. In the injector assembly, gas ions are stimulated to a yet higher energy level. The gases are continually exposed to a pulsating laser or other electromagnetic wave energy source together with a high intensity oscillating voltage field that occurs within the cell between electrodes or conductive plates of opposite electrical polarity. A preferred construction material for the plates is a stainless steel T-304 which is non-chemically reactive with water, hydrogen, or oxygen. An electrically conductive material which is insert in the fluid environment is a desirable material of construction for the electrical field producing plates, through which field the gas stream of activated particles passes. Gas ions of opposite electrical charges reach and maintain a critical energy level state. The gas ions are oppositely electrically charged and subjected to oscillating voltage fields of opposite polarity and are also subjected to a pulsating electromagnetic wave energy source. Immediately after reaching critical energy, the excited gas ions are exposed to a high temperature thermal zone in the injection cell, 4, that causes the excited gas ions to undergo gas combustion. The gas ignition triggers atomic decay and releases thermal energy, 5, with explosive force.

Once triggered, the thermal explosive energy output is controllable by the attenuation of operational parameters. With reference to FIG. 6A, for example, once the frequency of resonance is identified, by varying applied pulse voltage to the initial water fuel cell assemblies, 2, 3, the ultimate explosive energy output is likewise varied. By varying the pulse shape and/or amplitude or pulse train sequence of the electromagnetic wave energy source, final output is varied. Attenuation of the voltage field frequency in the form of OFF and ON pulses likewise affects output of the staged apparatus. Each control mechanism can be used separately, grouped in sections, or systematically arranged in a sequential manner.

A complete system in accordance with the present application thus includes a water fuel cell for providing a first fuel gas mixture consisting of at least a portion of hydrogen and oxygen gas. An electrical circuit of the type shown in FIG. 7 provides a pulsating, polar electric field to the gas mixture as illustrated in FIG. 6A, whereby electrons of the gas atoms are distended in their orbital fields by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces, changing from the state conceptually illustrated by FIG. 6B to that of FIG. 6C, at a frequency such that the pulsating electric field induces a resonance with respect to electrons of the gas atoms. The energy level of the resonant electrons is thereby increased in cascading, incremental steps. A further electric field to ionize said gas atoms is applied and an electromagnetic wave energy source for subjecting the ionized gas atoms to wave energy of a predetermined frequency to induce a further electron resonance in the ion, whereby the energy level of the election is successively increased is an additional element of the apparatus as shown in FIG. 6D.

An electron sink, which may be in the form of the grid element shown in FIG. 8A, extracts further electrons from the resonating ions while such ions are in an increased energy state and destabilizes the nuclear electron configuration of the ions. The "extraction" of electrons by the sink means is coordinated with the pulsating electrical field of the resonant cavity produced by the circuit of FIG. 7, by means of an interconnected synchronization circuit, such as shown in FIG. 8B. A nozzle, 10 in FIG. 5B, or thermal lens assembly, FIG. 5C, provides the directing means in which the destabilized ions are finally thermally ignited.

As previously noted, to reach and trigger the ultimate atomic decay of the fuel cell gases at the final stage, sequential steps are taken. First, water molecules are slit into component atomic elements (hydrogen and oxygen gases) by a voltage stimulation process which also releases dissolve gases entrapped in the water. In the injector assembly, a laser produced light wave or other form of coherent electromagnetic wave energy capable of stimulating a resonance within the atomic components is absorbed by the mixture of gases (hydrogen/oxygen/ambient air gases) released by the polarization process. At this point, as shown in FIG. 6B, the individual atoms are subjected to an electric field to begin an ionization process.

The laser or electromagnetic wave energy is absorbed and causes gas atoms to lose electrons and form positively charged gas ions. The energized hydrogen atoms which, as ionized, are positively charged, now accept electrons liberated from the heavier gases and attract other negatively charged gas ions as conceptually illustrated in FIG. 6C. Positively and negatively charged gas ions are re-exposed to further pulsating energy sources to maintain random distribution of ionized atomic gas particles.

The gas ions within the wave energy chamber are subjected to an oscillating high intensity voltage field in a chamber 11 in FIGS. 5A and 5B formed within electrodes 12 and 13 in FIGS. 5A and 5B of opposite electrical polarity to produce a resonant cavity. The gas ions reach a critical energy state at a resonant state.

At this point, within the chamber, additional electrons are attracted to said positive electrode; whereas, positively charged ions or atomic nuclei are attracted to the negative electrode. The positive and negative attraction forces are co-ordinate and operate on said gas ions simultaneously; the attraction forces are non-reversible. The gas ions experience atomic component deflection approaching the point of electron separation. At this point electrons are extracted from the chamber by a grid system such as shown in FIG. 5A. The extracted electrons are consumed and prevented from re-entering the chamber by a circuit such as shown in FIG. 8B. The elongated gas ions are subjected to a thermal heat zone to cause gas ignition, releasing thermal energy with explosive force. During ionic gas combustion, highly energized and stimulated atoms and atom nuclei collide and explode during thermal excitation. The hydrogen fracturing process occurring sustains and maintains a thermal zone, at a temperature in excess of normal hydrogen/oxygen combustion temperature, to wit, in excess of 2500° F. To cause and maintain atomic elongation depicted in FIG. 6C before gas ignition, a voltage intensifier circuit such as shown in FIG. 7 is utilized as a current restricting voltage source to provide the excitation voltage applied to the resonant cavity. At the same time the interconnected electron extractor circuit, FIG. 8B, prevents the reintroduction of electrons back into the system. Depending on calculated design parameters, a predetermined voltage and frequency range may be designed for any particular application or physical configuration of the apparatus.

In the operation of the assembly, the pulse train source for the gas resonant cavity shown at 2 and 3 in FIG. 4 may be derived from a circuit such as shown in FIGS. 2, 7 or 9, and such cavity circuits may be in sequence to provide a cascading energy input. It is necessary in the final electron extraction that the frequency with which electrons are removed from the system by sequenced and synchronized with the pulsing of the gas resonant cavity. In the circuit of FIG. 8B, the coordination of synchronization of the circuit with the circuit of FIG. 7 may be achieved by interconnecting point "A" of the gate circuit of FIG. 8B to coordinate point "A" of the pulsing circuit of FIG. 7.

The circuit shown in FIG. 9 enhances the voltage potential across the resonant charging choke coils during pulsing operations and restricts amp flow by allowing an external electromagnetic pulsing field, F, derived from the primary coil A being energized to transverse the coil windings D and E being energized by the incoming pulse train Ha xxx Hn, through switching diode G. The external pulse field, F and the incoming pulse-train Ha xxx Hn, are sequentially the same, allowing resonant action to occur, restricting amp flow while allowing voltage intensity to increase to stimulate the electrical polarization process, the gas ionization process and the electron extraction process. The voltage intensifier circuit of FIG. 9 prevents electrons from entering into those processes.

Together, the hydrogen injector assembly 4 and the resonant cavity assemblies 2, 3 form a gas injector fuel cell which is compact, light in weight and design variable. For example, the hydrogen injector system is suited for automobiles and jet engines. Industrial applications require larger systems. For rocket engine applications, the hydrogen gas injector system is positioned at the top of each resonant cavity arranged in a parallel cluster array. If resonant cavities are sequentially combined in a parallel/series array, the hydrogen injection assembly is positioned after the exits of said resonant cavities are combined.

From the outline of physical phenomena associated with the process described in Table 1, the theoretical basis of the invention considers the respective states of molecules, gases and ions derived from liquid water. Before voltage stimulation, water molecules are randomly dispersed throughout water within a container. When a unipolar voltage pulse train such as shown in FIG. 6A (53a xxx 53n) is applied, an increasing voltage potential is induced in the molecules, gases and/or ions in a linear, step-like charging effect. The electrical field of the particles within a chamber including the electrical field plates increases from a low energy state (A) to a high energy state (J) in a step manner following each pulse-train as illustrated in FIG. 6A. The increasing voltage potential is always positive in direct relationship to negative ground potential during each pulse. The voltage polarity on the plates which create the voltage fields remains constant. Positive and negative voltage "zones" are thus formed simultaneously.

In the first stage of the process described in Table 1, because the water molecule naturally exhibits opposite electrical fields in a relatively polar configuration (the two hydrogen atoms are positively electrically charged relative to the negative electrically charged oxygen atom), the voltage pulse causes initially randomly oriented water molecules in the liquid state to spin and orient themselves with reference to positive and negative poles of the voltage fields applied. The positive electrically charged hydrogen atoms of said water molecule are attracted to a negative voltage field; while, at the same time, the negative electrically charged oxygen atoms of the same water molecule are attracted to a positive voltage field. Even a slight potential difference applied to the inert, conductive plates of a containment chamber will initiate polar atomic orientation within the water molecule based on polarity differences.

When the potential difference applied causes the orientated water molecules to align themselves between the conductive plates, pulsing causes the voltage field intensity to be increased in accordance with FIG. 6A. As further molecular alignment occurs, molecular movement is hindered. Because the positively charged hydrogen atoms of said aligned molecules are attracted in a direction opposite to the negatively charged oxygen atoms, a polar charge alignment or distribution occurs within the molecules between said voltage zones, as shown in FIG. 6B. And as the energy level of the atoms subjected to resonant pulsing increases, the stationary water molecules become elongated as shown in FIG. 6C. Electrically charged nuclei and electrons are attracted toward opposite electrically charged voltages zones--disrupting the mass equilibrium of the water molecule.

In the first stage, as the water molecule is further exposed to a potential difference, the electrical force of attraction of the atoms within the molecule to the electrodes of the chamber also increases in intensity. As a result, the covalent bonding between said atoms which forms the molecule is weakened and ultimately terminated. The negatively charged electron is attracted toward the positively charged hydrogen atoms, while at the same time, the negatively charged oxygen atoms repel electrons.

Once the applied resonant energy caused by pulsation of the electrical field in the cavities reaches a threshold level, the disassociated water molecules, now in the form of liberated hydrogen, oxygen, and ambient air gases begin to ionize and lose or gain electrons during the final stage in the injector assembly. Atom destabilization occurs and the electrical and mass equilibrium of the atoms is disrupted. Again, the positive field produced within the chamber or cavity that encompasses the gas stream attracts negatively charged ions while the positively charged ions (and/or hydrogen nuclei) are attracted to the negative field. Atom stabilization does not occur because the pulsating voltage applied is repetitive without polarity change. A potential of approximately several thousand volts triggers the ionization state.

As the ionized particles accumulate within said chamber, the electrical charging effect is again an incremental stepping effect that produces an accumulative increased potential while, at the same time, resonance occurs. The components of the atom begin to "vibrate" at a resonant frequency such that an atomic instability is created. As shown in k FIG. 6D, a high energy level is achieved, which then collapses resulting in the release of thermal explosive energy. Particle impact occurs when liberated ions in a gas are subjected to further voltage. A longitudinal cross section of a gas resonant cavity is shown in FIG. 5A. To promote gas ionization, electromagnetic wave energy such as a laser or photon energy source of a predetermined wave length and pulse-intensity is directed to and absorbed by the ions forming said gas. In the device of FIG. 5A, semiconductor optical lasers 20a-20p, 20xxx surround the gas flow path. In the device of FIG. 5B, photo energy 20 is injected into a separate absorption chamber 21. The incremental stimulation of nuclei to a more highly energized state by electromagnetic wave energy causes electron deflection to a higher orbital state. The pulse rate as well as intensity of the electromagnetic wage source is varied to match the absorption rate of ionized particles to produce the stepped incremental increase in energy. A single laser coupled by means of fiber optic light guides is an alternative to the plurality of lasers shown in FIG. 5B. Continued exposure of the gas ions to different forms of wave energy during voltage stimulation maintains individual atoms in a destabilized state and prevents atomic stabilization.

The highly energized gas ions are thermally ignited when said combustible gas ions pass from injector 4 and enter into and pass through a nozzle, 10 in FIG. 5B, or an optical thermal lens assembly such as shown in FIG. 5C. In FIG. 5C, the combustible gas ions are expelled through and beyond a quenching circuit, 30, and reflected by lenses, 31 and 32, back and forth through a thermal heat zone, 33, prior to atomic breakdown beyond exiting through a final port, 34. A quenching circuit is a restricted orifice through which the particle stream passes such that flashback does not occur. The deflection shield or lens, 31, superheats beyond 3,000° F. and the combustible gas ions passing through said exiting-ports are regulated to allow a gas pressure to form inside said thermal zone. The energy yield is controlled by varying the applied voltage, or pulse-train since said thermal-lens assembly is self-adjusting to the flow-rate of said ionized and primed gases. The combustible ionic gas mixture is composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and ambient air gases. The hydrogen gas provides the thermal explosive force, the oxygen atoms aid the gas thermal ignition, and the ambient air gases retard the gas thermal ignition process to a controllable state. As the combustible gas mixture is exposed to a voltage pulse train, the stepped increasing voltage potential cases said moving gas atoms to become ionized (losing or gaining electrons) and changes the electrical and mass equilibrium of said atoms. Gases that do not undergo the gas ionization process may accept the liberated electrons (electron entrapment) when exposed to light or photon stimulation. The electron extractor grid circuit, FIGS. 8A and 8B, is applied to the assembly of FIG. 5A or FIG. 5B, and restricts electron replacement. The extractor grid, 56, is applied adjacent to electric field producing members, 44 and 45, within the resonant cavity. The gas ions incrementally reach a critical-state which occurs after a high energy resonant state. At this point the atoms no longer tolerate the missing electrons, the unbalanced electrical field, and the energy stored in the nucleus. Immediate collapse of the system occurs and energy is released as the atoms decay into thermal explosive energy.

The repetitive application of a voltage pulse train (A through J of FIG. 6A) incrementally achieves the critical state of said gas ions. As the gas atoms or ions (1a xxx 1n) shown in FIG. 6C become elongated during electron removal, electromagnetic wave energy of a predetermined frequency and intensity is injected. The wave energy absorbed by the stimulated gas nuclei and electrons causes further destabilization of the ionic gas. The absorbed energy from all sources causes the gas nuclei to increase in energy state, and induces the ejection of electrons from the nuclei.

To further stimulate the electron entrapment process beyond the atomic level (capturing the liberated electrons during the hydrogen fracturing process) the electron extractor grid (as shown in FIG. 8A) is placed in spaced relationship to the gas resonant cavity structure shown in FIG. 5A. The electron extractor grid is attached to an electrical circuit (such as shown in FIG. 8B) that allows electrons to flow to an electrical load, 55, when a positive electrical potential is placed on the opposite side of said electrical load. The electrical load may be a typical power consuming device such as a light bulb or resistive heat producing device. As the positive electrical potential is switched on or pulse-applied, the negative charged electrons liberated in the gas resonant cavity are drawn away and enter into resistive load where they are consumed and released at heat or light energy. The consuming electrical circuit can be directly connected to the gas resonant cavity positive electrical voltage zone. The incoming positive wave form applied to resonant cavity voltage zone through a blocking diode is synchronized with the pulse train applied to the gas resonant cavity by the circuit of FIG. 7 via alternate gate circuit. As one pulse train is gated "ON", the other pulse train is switched "OFF." A blocking diode directs the electron flow to said electrical load while resistive wire prevents voltage leakage during pulse train "ON" time.

The electron extraction process is maintained during gas flow-rate change by varying the trigger pulse rate in relationship to applied voltage. The electron extraction process also prevents spark-ignition of the combustible gases traveling through the gas resonant cavity because electron build-up and potential sparking is prevented.

In an optical thermal lens assembly or thrust-nozzle, such as shown in FIG. 5C, destabilized gas ions (electrically and mass unbalanced gas atoms having highly energized nuclei) can be pressurized during spark-ignition. During thermal interaction, the highly energized and unstable hydrogen gas nuclei collide with the highly energized and unstable oxygen gas nuclei and produce thermal explosive energy beyond the gas burning stage. Other ambient air gases and ions not otherwise consumed limit the thermal explosive process.

Variations of the process and apparatus may be evident to those skilled in the art. }

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Current Domestic power, calculators and watches: conventionalphotovoltaic and battery systems. Best current option for appliance power including shower.

Heating:E-Cat safe nuclear process using nickel and hydrogen to produce copper. Best option for domestic room heating in winter.

The above options would best to survive 200year solar flare coronal mass ejection grid failure and 100,000 year cyclical 90,000 year ice age [we are at the very end of a cyclical 10,000 year life promoting warming period. Ice age caused by the sun dimming and also less so by changes in distance to the sun and carbon dioxide slight warming in the context of 10 million years of ice ages because of carbon dioxide deprivation are cancelling each other out so as to have average temperature most stable 10,000 years in 10 million years]. Cooler summers and warmer winters are also caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis in relation to the Sun shift.

Carbon dioxide is the most starved for vital plant nutrient. Optimal levels of 1% or 20 x current levels we would prevent the due 90,000 year ice age and lead to explosive 10 fold growth in crop biomass. General warming and forestation will create more water vaper and carbon dioxide blanket affect will moderate temperatures, making weather more comfortable for life. Carbon dioxide is not pollution. Life on earth is most abundant when carbon dioxide levels are at 1% or 20 times current levels. Carbon dioxide levels are up 50% to .04% of levels 200 years ago but have decreased 95% in the last 500million years and so reduced the abundance of life on earth. Over the next 1000 years at current levels of carbon dioxide will be responsible for 20% of climate change (warming), all greenhouse gasses including water vaper feedback mechanism 20% (warming and moderating), and 100,000 year cyclical changes in the suns activity 40% (cooling) of the cause of climate change. We are at very end of a cyclical 10,000 years of interglacial global warming as part of the 100,000 year suns activity cycle. A 2 fold increase in carbon dioxide would prevent the due 90,000 years ice age. We have had 20 deeper and deeper ice ages in a regular 100,000 year cycle death spiral over the last 2,000,000 years. Information from wikipedia; )The politically motivated funding conclusions which sed we have excessive carbon dioxide only considered the last 200 years and were wrong in the longer term(20million year)context. Ice ages have come into existence and have become increasingly more extreme over the last 20 million years, before ice ages the coolest extremes of global temperature were warmer than the hottest global temperature today. Northern Eurasia would benefit from some global warming. This unusual period of warming is caused by sun activity and carbon dioxide. Also there is a need to reduce urban combustion engine particulate air, noise pollution, inconvenience, and cost of combustion fuels and to find an alternative to uranium nuclear power stations to stop more countries developing the capacity to have nuclear weapons. We should adapt by growing timber forests to use instead of native forests and build giant desal plants for water for irrigation. We should use whatever energy source is cheapest and most abundant. Cars should not use combustion fuels I hate the regular fuel up requirement, going to the service station, paying for fuel, and brake down tendency. Better than just battery electric cars the Blacklight Power electric generator for electric motor would be more reliable, cheap or free to run, easier to maintain and easier to repair. This would be pleasing. The combustion engine is an obsolete technology. Newer solid state nuclear battery technologies could be used In small devices where safe and old large nuclear technologies should be phased out. If we all converted to nuclear the resource would only last 40 years. Nuclear betavoltaic batteries would have mobile phone run always on for 20 years. It is becoming apparent that our public universities academics have said that free energy technologies were impossible an obsolete and incorrect dogma, that has contradicted real world observations. Public university warming alarmists have lied about the true facts to match the dogma, I engineer the theory to fit the true image observable facts. Public universities should be privatised and sponsored by a levy on payroll to develop free energy, anti-gravity and other products for profit. Desalination may also use one of the many free energy technologies that have fallen onto unfertile minds.

Wasted money: The billions of dollars spent replicating hot fusion in the sun was a complete waste of money. Many working models for nuclear energy already exist including room temperature fusion (decay). Gravity in its self is free energy as powers the sun. Also matter as a store of nuclear energy which can be released by nuclear decay of left over subatomic particles after re-combination of subatomic particles required by fission, fusion and electrolysis. Gravity powers fusion in the sun. Fusion does not power the sun. Fusion is a consumer of energy except when accompanied by greater nuclear decay of atoms. Solar and wind has not reduced the need for base-load constant power capacity. Money diverted from constant energy sources has caused blackouts. Geothermal systems have caused earth quakes except when using closed loop technologies. Uranium has only 100 years supply using old technologies and 1,000 using new travelling wave technologies by which time if uranium was relied on the Earth would have been made inhospitable at the rate of 1 large nuclear accident be decade.

I do want a replacement for combustion by car particulates, noise, expense, maintenance, refueling, unreliability, aggression, limited life waste when disposed of, In favour of cheap to run, reliable, long range, calming, peaceful, prosperity bringing free energy transport engines. For other battery powered electronic devices 10 year half life nuclear decay fusion batteries would improve performance. We can make a start towards having a zero cost energy fleet, even if we do not change over old vehicles until the old combustion engine goes bung. I am for solar cooling and heating. I believe their would be virtue in updating the theory of the conservation of energy; that energy may never be created or destroyed only transformed, into the Conservation Of Free Energy, energy is created for free(gravity and magnetism)then never destroyed only transformed. The repulsive force which keeps the universe expanding seems to be created in a vacuum from nothing. Gravity seems to create from nothing but the presence of elements heat and pressure in the sun to convert through fusion atoms into heavier atom elements. The strong and week atomic forces also seem to create energy from nothing. Permanent magnets attract and repel without any consumption of mass. All that is required to transform these forces into electricity or directed motive force is a method of turning off and on these forces. All energy is either free energy or an end product of free energy. The sun is not powered by fusion, Fusion in the sun is a by product of gravity, Gravity powers fusion in the sun and as a by product the conversion of gravity into radiation. Fusion is usually not a net producer but a consumer of energy. The massive effort to create energy from hot fusion has been based on bad physics. Monies should be directed into other new free energy technologies which also harness ambient energy including heat, gravity, and permanent magnets, conversion to electricity. Coal is created from plant chemical energy, from photosynthesis, from sunlight, from gravity. Where conservation of energy is correct is that energy is not destroyed but transformed into elements or dissipated throughout the universe. The conservation of energy theory was developed in the 1850s only considering terrestrial phenomena, and not the effect of gravity on fusion in the sun or permanent magnets. Government scientists have been trained in ancient small minded dogma of inversion of reality caused by odd number reflected image by universities so to have made them mentally crippled and rejected free energy even when the clear as day visual true evidence is overwhelming making wrong mathematical algebra broken and useless in the end. Truth has its own beauty independent of logic. Money should be allocated to safe, pollution free energy technology prizes, prize for the fastest transcontinental crossing of Australia by self contained zero greenhouse emission vehicle, prizes for battery technologies, For electronics, electric vehicles and utility scale batteries, and for prizes for nuclear batteries able to provide electrical energy for 10 to 30 years. The best way to decrease electricity prices is to increase supply and the best way to increase supply is not for government to own power stations, but for the government to sell power stations then commission new power stations with the proceeds. ]

According to Einstein theories normal positive mass craft time rate will slow down so the rest of the universe would seem to fast forward around the craft at a higher rate of time the closer we get to the speed of light, the craft would seem to move in slow motion from the rest of the universe and move into the future of the rest of the universe at what would seem a normal rate of time inside the craft. We have not been able to travel into the future using anti-gravity negative mass. Three methods for travelling into the future are application of energy to teleport into future possibilities as in Montauk experiments, stasis and contact with beings from the future travelling back in time. Some aliens claim to be from the Earth in the future who travel back in time by some how travelling vast distances in space much faster than light for offset space negative time divergence (time = speed x mass). The reason Einstein said we could not travel faster than light was because normal craft would require infinite energy and have infinite mass (black hole). Searl's craft supercool superconductors to instead create infinite negative-mass, infinite negative energy (supercooling) and infinite acceleration through the speed of light repelling other mass such as obstacles in space to then connect vast distance in space and reverse time with the universe around the craft seemingly to be in reverse, runaway time reversal able to send the craft back to the singularity big bang at the beginning of time, to create space time expansion and create vacuum quantum dark negative energy cooling anti-gravity with expansion of the space time universe converting dark space vacuum energy into gravitational dark matter (hydrinos) to collect together with time travel seeds of the universe and vacuum gravitational energies to fuse into atoms to build the entire physical universe. The one true image to harness butterfly effect for telepathic technology convergence universe is a single time-line, all future travel into our past is already in our past of this convergence true time line, time travel can create but can not change the future and the past in this convergent true time line, all other divergent virtual time lines have been illusions created by time a traveller while have been in a reverse image state false perception state of illusion, deception or psychotic conflict (war) with each other see chaos, those consciousnesses coexist then die with the experiencer but have sometimes temporarily disrupted convergence. The only possible eternal future of the universe is to create the single convergence of technology timeline by taking and making common knowledge of true image actual photo and movie of all possible futures to collapse virtual dimensions into convergence into the optimal future to travel back to the beginning of time to seed time at the beginning of the universe so create the universe perfect for the convergence time line to create the time and this universe optimal for us. Humanity is split into 2 uniform color code, evolution, reward, democratic and financial systems: the reverse image (normal single reflection mirror) lies indoctrinated dogma, punitive enslavement though forced appropriation of taxation on producer so benefited liars, projected pain or headaches, mind bended drug addicted, psycho, sickness industry or perpetrators who have backed threat with actual confusion, brutality, mob violence, fraud, disability, terror, deviant, rape, self elected into big government big finance crime cartel which evolved worship of badness in service of black racists savages to have cannibalize each other in true images such as of live selfie of video and slightly acute of right angle reflection of reflection mirror pairs joining with external tape up external junction with a second self defense enhancing true image reflection of reflection pair behind and also integration of television for world control and domination by correctly calculating out futures of each possible time lines by feeding true television and live selfie true images to own brain to favor selection of and evolution to color code to optimize future policy and technological convergent true image time line to project through cognitive behavioral programming using normal existing media for optimal result (using free will to self assess own moral code and future will ultimately empower productive, protectionist, fair races to gain self respect and unite into scientific community to contribute to improve future with own alphabet and naming system (constructive cognitive processing method: approach to task) and color code (justice system values alliance uniform), using power over government and corporate policy to direct funds to biological control of pests to secretly engineer and release humane genocidal race specific contraceptive bio-weapon infections to over time peacefully eliminate all black races after natural life span while enhance natural evolution using natural fertilization for evolution of fair races by and have natural testing of choice combinations of egg and sperm with men to elect egg donor for natural selection to improve aesthetics and use DNA sample of oldest men of the nation to sequence and edit on computer to repair (upgrade) genome of these oldest men then write DNA and boot sperm to clone only sperm. So have optimal health and longevity. Plus develop own robust private peer to peer network protocol and own national bio-metric photo ID crypto currency financial system to maximize foreign exchange inflows and minimize outflows. QE for state housing for nations long term fair citizens if poor in assets and universal basic optimal nutrition ration bars with option for contraceptive version as visible on wrapper, plus welfare basics card for productive if poor in assets and pass more than 20 years probationary citizenship. Also genetic propensity spit test for migrants to have residency. With portion 20% income for earners to pay (automatically via bank) to own choices of 100 charities having approval of the local council 50% for disability or emergency health services and 50% for additional charities such as information, research and local militia to protect fair races from being bashed or rape by savages. This civilization will save not desert Earth, we will win culture war against savage mob economy (deviant, big government, counter intelligence dis-information, stand-over, black-male, fraud or lies.

Design router with torus crystal entanglement instant communication over any (interstellar) distance also producing own eternal power. Also super-cooling negative energy superconductor negative mass field (such as in a negative mass Searl Effect Generator craft field) to convert and organize actual sound wave physical vibrations input signal into 100% magnetic wave into graviton gravity compound wave harmonic resonance with the destination torus geometry and aura true image signature to have instant (current time) crystal entanglement connection to graviton attracting harmonic crystal geometry aura receiver resonance with the destination aura signature (address) such as of the planet mass and person as graviton collector signal destination to measure the gravity wave signal from the negative mass graviton emitter torus crystal. To at a distance establish communications instantly via router to extend Internet across entire visible universe and time spectrum. Aliens are able to tune into the geometric aura of the sender and reply. (Ligo have detected a shock wave).


IRENE CEASOR (Wave Genome); “As a result of Russian Quantum Leap technologies, we can create any genome, and remotely.”

You can buy Russian Special Forces (Ultimate) also full remote holonet DNA repair medical kit (on separate USB drive controller), with aural signature from true image photograph, (takes months to make each Ultimate just for the individual customer), self power of processor using torus crystal (external charger not required), Russian military have spent billions on the technology so you really will get a bargain. Has therapy projection open mode (pearl side outward) and normal protection shield mode if threatened (plastic double swastika plastic side outward). Will do some additional things as well. From MindTech (from the official digital Wave Genome Quantum Leap distributor) Staff are friendly, helpful, responsive and available: Notice effect immediately particularly in brain. To use configure and choose treatment open file on USB (Medical kit only works when using actual proper USB, you might have to get English translation screenshots from MindTech, Click user (bottom left on home page): Add user (bottom on right on left side of user screen), Enter details of the proper owner of the Ultimate (Last name, First name, Middle name, Date of birth (just count month number, some start with the same letter), male/female and save (middle row of buttons the button on the left). Home screen button is usually at the bottom of the screen on the left starting with Ha. Go to Questionnaire (second button from left on bottom row AHkeT-). Select up to any 3 ailments at a time for best results (can use entire software medical kit where having but was very expensive has cost several hundred thousand dollars in Europe, some people get entire medical kit free): (left column): Bones (Koctha-), Muscles (M-), Nervous system brain and nerves (Hep-), Cardiovascular system and blood circulation (Cep-), Respiratory system (-e), Digestive system (-nepepa-), Immune system (-OT-), Excretory system (B-), Skin hair and nails, Reproductive system, Endocrine system, Limbic system emotions memory sleep smell (-COH), Depression stress, Spine, Neck, Chest, Lumbar, Sacral, Coccyx, Head, Brain, Pituitary, (right column): Heart (Ce-), Lungs bronchias (-6poHx-), Stomach (-ok), Duodenum (-epcTHa-), Colon (To-), Small intestine (ToHk-), Liver (-b), Gallbladder (-Pb), Pancreas (-e3a) Lymph glands (-e3bi), Spleen (Ce-Hka), Mammary gland (Mo-), Womb (MaTka), Ovaries, Bladder (Mo-b), Adrenal (Ha-), Kidneys, Parathyroid (-e3a), Thyroid (-e3a), Testicles, Thymus (T-myc), Prostate (e3a). Save (second from left buttons at bottom CoxpaH-). I think the Testing (TeCT- third from left) or Therapy (Tepa- forth from left) buttons where we listen to music and watch color changes are to establish holonet and telepathic connections, with the Therapy button after rating your health on scale of 1to5 you also get genome repair (upgrade). Logout button is at right on row at the bottom (Bb-). I have had genetic susceptibility to heart disease so fainted after 30minutes of gardening now I can can garden for 6+hours.


Main known time travel and teleportation programs in USA include:


JointChiefsOfStaff/Zeta/Area51:TR3B,TR6+In future Michio Kaku :DefenceDepartment.

Future humans, human origin genetics ambassadors from ET planets and ET: such Zeta, Anunnaki, Tall Whites, Nordics, Draco, Andromedans, Aldebarans various alliances plus about 1000 separate intelligent species visiting earth occasionally.

Reports mixing together uranium yellow cake powder and ununpentium powder (both available online for a price) with water as a pudding and then dehydrating in home food dehydrator results in a zero gravity glowing ball which when held in hands results for the person simple time travel and relocation to middle of the local high activity urban location, only problem was how to survive being a stranger to another random time and get back to the time and place where you have all of your money, property, friends and things.

Biefeld Brown craft