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TO SURVIVE WE MUST SHUT DOWN ALL NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS NOW! (If built should be 100m underground in complete containment chamber 200m above sea level with enough backup generators with backup batteries to be able to power cooling pumps long enough for emergency shutdown) Hysteria about carbon dioxide has distracted us from real toxic pollution. Mass adoption of fission nuclear has been infinitely more toxic to green environment than carbon dioxide plant food. At current rates of consumption for nuclear power uranium reserves will run out in 40 years.

Do NOT patent your device (free energy technologies have always been rejected or sequestered, patents were a total dead end waste of money, time and talent), just make one, sell at maximum price such as on Ebay (you might have to call it something like an ambient energy harvester for free energy generators), do not hide secrets, open proof of operation will significantly boost sales, (keep technologies used as weapons secret such as physical time travel; we do not want to have had ourselves deleted or created multiple virtual time lines, chronovision ok with gradual introduction of choice images as will only create peace, prevent disasters and guide policy and innovation, will still require some controls on devices for privacy): grow organically, do not sell shares (control), do not take on debt, start as a charity to eliminate tax (you can convert to business later), if called insane claim welfare and convert to religion (so you pay your workers less or not at all as voluntary devotion does not disqualify from welfare as any paid work has, religious law overrides parliament legislation in Australian 1901 constitution), take donations, this will help you have maximum security, technological, production and financial advantage. Keshe Foundation is best example of this approach.

NikolaTesla/Basiago/CIA tech teleport. Limit to world parcel postal service for dramatically faster, cheaper, cleaner parcel post delivery. Not for peoples homes to prevent invaded by mass illegal migration. Also for military mobile teleporter in submarine to crew and supply on demand plus in big VTOL anti-gravity craft to deploy 1 ton remote + AI robo tanks, small drones, compact trucks and troop carriers, supplies and personnel quickly. Also for time travel. Uses a field of radiant energy to open up a vortal tunnel in time-space then on closure, the teleportee lands on the ground in the location where the tunnel closes, this may be choice of any point in time relative on the duration of the tunnel opening including the real current time. The stargate is a Tesla teleporter that so concentrates the radiant energy from a quantum hologram so as to send teleportee vast distances in time and location. In the vortal tunnel the teleportee can see tunnel walls of rippling blue and white holographic light and sometimes alien observers. Teleportee may travel much greater distances across time and location-space using these star-gates but as more time is spent in the vortal tunnel may have to have oxygen tanks so as to be not asphyxiated. Our (Earth) design.

Father Pellegrino Ernetti (degree in quantum physics) / Father Augustino Gemelli / Father François Brune (Roman Catholic Church monastic monks) Plus 12 scientists including Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun / Vatican. Chronovisor (looking glass). Discovery from study of harmonic patterns in Gregorian chants at the Catholic University of Milan, the microphone in development able to pick up the sounds of events across time. Leading to development by the Vatican of the Chronovisor: A TV like screen for viewing events across time and location: a cathode tube, antennas using alloy of 3 metals to capture light and sound, controls, meters, and a sound and light sensor. The US government further developing the Chronovisor under DARPA US defense research projects contracts. Currently the viewer stands in a cubical chamber to see dense hologram light images using lensing effect to view events across time and location so the viewer can track specific individuals and events across time and location using residual sound and light signature to see, hear and explore events.

The helical magnetic fusion plasma confinement chamber is a creation from science of Dr. Stirling Colgate as president of the New Mexico Institute of Science and Technology and a physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratories. It uses radioactive plasma to propagate a wormhole which the time traveler travels in order to be embed temporarily in a past event. When this local quantum field effect created around the chrononaut wears off, he experiences transitioning spontaneously back to his point of embarkation in the chamber without traveling via wormhole.

The Aeronautical Repositioning Chamber (Jump Room such as to travel to Mars in 20 minutes) A joint venture between Parsons, Lockheed and CIA. Reverse engineering chamber in crashed craft from Alpha Centauri star.

Area 51 with Zeta ET help (90% modern human DNA from our future): U.S.A built silent very big clean free energy VTOL TR-6 Telos Pheonix Class interstellar cargo and passenger colonization craft: Including of Wolf 1061c U.S.A. colony. With Dart combat drone space craft on board. Would be perfect for very fast UK to Australia flights, safer than teleporter without the illegals problem. To cleanly, vertically, slowly and silently land in city airports without fumes, noise, fog visibility dangers or height restrictions on buildings.